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Grundfos ‘plug and pump’ up pressure in the garden

M any homeowners have learned to live with poor garden water pressure because they do not think the problem can be solved, or because they expect it will require many days of expensive plumbing work. But the introduction of the SCALA1 to the range of Grundfos SCALA booster pumps intends to change all that. The Grundfos SCALA1 is a fully integrated ‘plug and pump’, all-in- one, self-priming, easily installed compact pump for domestic and light commercial applications, for pressure boosting to family homes and apartments and also for garden irrigation. “If your customers are experiencing noise from their booster systems in the home or garden, it is often due to poor pump technology or poor pump control. These issues are easily solved with a Grundfos SCALA1 pump, which with its unique, water-cooled motor features, decreases the pump noise level by 6 dB (A), thus reducing the sound level of the pump by half, as well as reducing vibration in the pressure boosting system,” explained Ray Broughan, Sales Engineer at Grundfos. ADVANCED PROTECTION FOR PEACE OF MIND SCALA1 incorporates advanced protection features to give the installer and homeowner peace of mind. Dry running protection automatically stops the pump in case of water shortage. Cycling protection prevents the pump starting frequently in case of minor leakages in installation and

maximum runtime protection can stop the pump after a desired period of continuous operation, preventing potential flood damage in case of pipe breakages. Also, the pump has a built-in motor protection that will stop the pump if exposed to excessive temperatures due to high ambient temperatures, in case of seizure or overload, thus preventing a motor burnout.

Introducing the SCALA1 booster pump from Grundfos.

SCALA GOES DIGITAL WITH BLUETOOTH A welcome addition, the SCALA1 includes Bluetooth connectivity. This allows for faster setup, monitoring, troubleshooting and control of the SCALA1 from your smartphone via the Grundfos GO Remote app. The app also makes for easy setup using the SCALA1 as a twin-booster system, operating as duty/ standby as well as duty/assist. The SCALA1 requires no maintenance, but it is

recommended to keep the pump clean, check the non-return valves and keep the ventilation holes free of dust.

To find out more about the SCALA1 booster pump, speak to your Grundfos account manager or visit

“SCALA1 incorporates advanced protection features to give the installer and homeowner peace of mind.”



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