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In December, the busy energy of the De La Fuentes shifts its focus away from sports. Flag football and softball seasons are over. With the brief reprieve, my kids are able to put extra effort into school as the semester ends. It’s a nice time for us to reflect on how much they’ve grown and developed between sports, school, and time management. Overall, I’d say they’ve done a fantastic job. I couldn’t be prouder of them. With the joyous events December brings, we’re all able to focus our energy on something more important than athletic competition or even school — family. To me, that’s what Christmas is all about.

“I can’t believe you and mom spent all this money on us!” she said.

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“We wanted to!” we told her over and over. “Don’t feel bad!”

She wasn’t angry for being deceived; she was just grateful. We appreciated that. It was easy for her to let go of Santa Claus. After all, even when she thought the presents were free, she never asked for more than one each year. She’s primarily interested in clothes these days, just like most girls her age. My wife does most of the shopping, anyway.


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Her brother is easier to shop for. Last year, we gave him a Toys R Us catalogue and told him to circle what he wanted the most. He must have circled most

We have a Christmas routine in our house. If you’re married, you know how it is. You get

“Christmas isn’t so much about what we give or receive — it’s about what we already have.”

two meals for every major holiday — one with your spouse’s family, one with yours. We spend Christmas Eve at my wife’s aunt’s home, and then spend Christmas Day with my mother. Often, her parents come over to our home later in the day so we can wind down Christmas together. At the first party, my wife’s cousins bring their kids, so my children get to see their cousins. As they get older, they’ll realize how valuable these family connections are. This year, I hope you’re able to rekindle any connections you feel you’ve lost. There’s no better time than the holidays. That’s our routine, and while it’s remained steady over the years, Christmas morning itself has evolved as the kids have grown. Our son is still holding out on the idea of Santa Claus, but the illusion died for my daughter last year. She was shocked when she found out.

of the catalogue. It’s not that he’s greedy; he just loves everything. He didn’t get everything he circled, but he loved what he got. He’s easy to please. My wife and I bask in the delight of our children every Christmas morning. They aren’t allowed to come downstairs before 7 a.m., so, at 7:01, they creep down the stairs, peek around the corner, and their faces light up. I have the camcorder set up because I love capturing their facial expressions as they come down the stairs. That’s what we meant when we told our daughter how much we wanted to give her presents. She didn’t understand, but she will when she’s a parent someday. That’s where the real joy of Christmas comes from. Christmas isn’t so much about what we give or receive — it’s about what we already have. The gifts are just a way to show appreciation for those things.

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Happy holidays!

– David DeLaFuente

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