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Getting To Know The Zionsville Physical Therapy Staff! Staff Spotlight: Taylor Kerr, PT Tech

Taylor joined the staff at ZPT early last fall, and captured everyone’s attention with his quick wit, helpful attitude, and handsome-good-looks. His spirit is contagious, with a warmth for clients of all ages, eager to help with everything from computer registrations to exercise routines. He never sits still. Literally. Taylor grew up not far from Zionsville, and graduated from Pike High School. He attended and studied Personal Training at Eastern Illinois University on scholarship, played football on their team as Kicker/ Punter. He has experienced PT first hand after surgeries and rugged workouts. His family means a great deal to him: his parents, brother, and his wife Samantha (first year anniversary approaches!) Q: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? A: I like to watch movies, play video games, but mostly spend time with my dogs. Q: Unique fact, most people don’t know about you? A: I won a bowling championship with my football teammates in college. Q: What do you like most about working at ZPT? A: I love seeing the progress the patients make, fromwhen they start at ZPT to when they finish. I enjoy making special relationships with each patient. I learn something new every day! Q: Favorite food? A: Dulce de Leche at Abuelos


ZPT GaZette The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body

June 2017

Dear ZPT friends, Summertimegreetings!Thedroneof the lawnmowerandchirpingbirdsaccompany me as I type, out on the screened porch at home. I do love warmer weather, especially before it gets to be sticky, humid and HOT. My staff members now say that I’m “semi-retired,” but I’m far too young for that (wink), and I really do work hard, just not always at the clinic. Last month my mother and I treated ourselves to a shared Mother’s Day experience by travelling to Portland, Oregon, to see my younger son, Aaron, his girlfriend and


• Getting To Know Taylor Kerr • Live Without Neck Pain & Headaches • Gain Relief Naturally • 4 Easy Tricks to Relieve A Headache • Refer A Friend Program


her family. Portland was beautiful, and was the fourth visit for us, but this time was different, as Aaron showed us around town, his work sites and his favorite restaurants, the Japanese garden, and his favorite gal. Mom and I are so blessed, and we remember fondly the little guy of ages past, and how pleased we are to see him now a happy and responsible young man.

If you have not been in to see us at ZPT recently, you simply must. We are congratulating our evening receptionists, Lauren and Jessica, who are ZCHS graduates now, heading off to college this fall. We welcome back Amber and Ian, from out-of-state colleges, home for the summer. They will both be assisting at the front desk reception, in the gym and with reaching out to our community. We also welcome Evan-the-Intern to his new position on our staff, as our IT guy and PT tech. After his recent graduation from IUPUI, his availability was our gain. Recently we had a very special visitor to the clinic, a service dog-in- training with her volunteer trainer. “Mischka” the dog, is part of the ICAN program (IndianaCanineAssistantNetwork)whichprovidesservicedogs to children and adolescents with disabilities. The dogs are trained by inmates in our prisons, giving the inmates opportunities to learn new skills, have purpose beyond themselves, and find the unconditional love of a dog. Our visiting volunteer had been trained by an inmate in handling Mischka, and was instructed to expose her to a variety of community experiences….which brought her to ZPT! We had to review our service dog etiquette, and if you are curious, I might direct you to learn more at www.ICANdog.org . Perhaps we can all support this worthy organization in the upcoming “dog-days” of summer. Gratefully, Elaine P.S. …Let us run with perseverance the RACE marked out for us. Hebrews 12:1 b

Patient Success SPOTLIGHT Now, I can work for several hours on my needlepoint projects! Patriciasaysshewas referred forapinched nerve in her neck. “Elaine and her team provided a culture of warmth, compassion and outstanding knowledge in the field of physical therapy.At thebeginningofmyPT sessions, I had significant pain in my neck and upper arm, making it difficult to lift anddo justeveryday tasks.Withexercises targeting the specific problems, the pain is much better. Being an avid needlepoint person, Ifind thatworking forseveralhours isnowmucheasier.Activitiessuchas lifting are improved as well.” - Patricia H. Mention or bring in this newsletter for a FREE Neck pain or Headache Screening! Call the office today for an appointment 317.873.2033


Winner of our April Newsletter word search puzzle drawing: Julia Congdon . Her winning ticket was drawn by our good neighbors at Ron Schulte State Farm Insurance. She was awarded a $20 gift card for Jones Greenhouse. Jones Greenhouse gift cards are still available at ZPT, benefitting Zionsville Optimist Club, for youth scholarships and programs.


Next FREE Back Pain and Sciatica Workshop is Saturday, July 15, at 10:00 a.m. Call the office or visit our website to register. Seating is limited.

Refer A Friend Program

Physical Therapists Are The Mechanics Of Your Body

Flattery will get you everywhere! One of the greatest compliments we receive is to gain a new patient who has been referred by a current or past patient here at ZPT. It is our passion to reach the community with our natural and affordable treatments for pain, balance problems and weakness, so that more people can live out fuller and happier lives. Your family members or friends might be hesitant to come in to see us on their own, but with your encouragement (or heck, offer to bring them in!) they gain the courage to seek the professional opinions and care of our physical therapy team. Recently added: 1. For any person referred by a current or past patient we will offer a free 20 minute screening or “discovery visit” with one of our PT’s to find out if physical therapy is right for their situation. 2. If your referred family or friend chooses physical therapy here at ZPT and completes their Plan of Care, they will thank you, and so will we, with a special ZPT gift you can use immediately! 3. NEXT STEP: think of someone you know who has pain or weakness, or unsteady walking, and kindly suggest to them that they, too, can benefit from conservative physical therapy care. Give them our phone number, or this newsletter, or our website, to have them contact our office for a free screening or an evaluation time slot. We are honored to help. "Review Us" on our website or on YELP! We value your feedback!

Think Zionsville PT FIRST Why You Need To Come Back In For A Tune- Up: � Move without pain

� Sit for long periods comfortably

� Bend and move freely � Balance confidently and securely

� Walk for long distances � Live an active and healthy lifestyle


Take care of your aches and pains. See our updated website to learn how.


1. Regular exercise.

3. Balanced diet.

Migraine patients are at a slightly increasedriskofstroke,and lack ofexercise isariskfactorfor cardiovacular and cerebrovascular disease. Vigorous, regular exercise can help reduce these risks. Getting enough sleep on a regular basis is part of the migraine hygiene you should practice to keep your headaches at ease.

Eating regular meals, avoiding foods that trigger headaches, and staying hydrated will also help reduce the pain and frequency of your headaches. 4. Work on improving your posture. Hold your shoulders back and your head level, parallel to the ground, instead of hunching forward. This technique helps improve headaches most frequently during work.

2. Adequate sleep.



LIVE WITHOUT NECK PAIN & HEADACHES Do you suffer from frequent neck pain and headaches? People literally live on acetaminophen and Ibuprofen for years because they constantly have a nagging headache, induced by muscle spasms in the neck. A concern with those who have frequent headaches, is an underlying neck problem that may go untreated. The Cause of Most Headaches

Headaches can range from minor nagging pains, to full-blown migraines that knock you off your feet for a day or two. Any headache, whether tremendous pain or not, should be a warning sign that the muscles in your spine and neck may be too tight and tense. Prolonged muscle tension may cause you to feel stiff and achy. One may feel pain in the shoulders, neck, upper back and even radiating out to the upper arms. Most people who have headaches complain about having neck and shoulder pain. The most intense pain usually lies directly in the back and upper sides of the neck. The pain then radiates into the shoulder area. This is why many people who have headaches treat themselves to frequent neck and shoulder massages. Physical therapy can help you to relieve the tightness and tension in your muscles, helping you live a happy, pain-free life. Relief That Works Physical therapy goes beyond massages to evaluate and treat the root causeofyourpain.Musculartightnessmayleadtopoorjointmovement and weakness. Our medical experts are trained in specialized, hands- Gaining Relief Naturally The neck can be a hidden and debilitating source of headaches. Very often neck pain and headaches go hand-in-hand, leading to a miserable time coping with every day activities. According to the National Institute of Health Statistics neck pain and headaches are the second most common form of pain experienced by Americans, with 59% reporting it affected their enjoyment of life. Headaches are often grouped under the term “cervicogenicheadache”meaning that theprimarysource is from theneck. There are well mapped out patterns of headaches that come from the different parts of the neck, shoulder and upper back areas. The discs between your bones (vertebrae) and joints in the upper neck often contribute to headaches. Even headaches located in the forehead or behind the eyes are often referred pains stemming from problem areas in the neck and base of the skull. The joints connecting the top three levels of the neck handle almost 50% of the total motion of the entire neck. This means they absorb a lot of www.ZionsvillePT.com

on treatments to quickly reduce your pain. Furthermore you can enjoy the added benefits of corrected posture and improved motion. We help to train you in gentle exercises and self-help techniques to relieve neck pain and headaches independently and prevent the problem from reoccurring.

repetitive strain. These joints bear the main load of the weight of the head (about thatofabowlingball).With fatigue,poorposture, injuries, disc problems, arthritis, muscular stress and even prior surgeries, the wear and tear on this critical region of your body can prove too much, resulting in pain. It is also possible that you may develop a narrowing of the spinal canal itself. Since the spinal cord runs through the spine, a narrowing of the canal or where the nerves exit, can lead to a condition named spinal stenosis. There is much that can be done to treat neck pain and headaches. Our expert physical therapists have years of experience helping people with neck pain and headaches. By finding the root cause of your neck pain and headaches we can relieve your pain quickly, reduce the need for medication and get you back to the activities you enjoy. Discover how our team of specialists at Zionsville Physical Therapy can eliminate your neck pain and headaches allowing you to live a happy, active and pain-free life. Call today for more details!

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