The Arch Co - Regional Property Manager



The Arch Company is the largest provider of commercial business space for small to medium sized businesses in the UK. They have approximately 5,200 properties, of which more than half are converted railway arches; their portfolio also contains office units, shops, restaurants, leisure and light industrial units, ranging in size from 100 sq ft to over 100,000 sq ft. They strive to create unique and vibrant spaces that inspire the creativity of business owners. The diverse portfolio is full of variety, from bakeries and restaurants to microbreweries and climbing walls. They ensure that the communities surrounding the estate thrive too, by creating spaces to meet, eat, entertain or simply enjoy on a journey home. Additionally, they are investing in new commercial property units, creating innovative, high quality business space, and redeveloping disused or run down properties. Backed by active and high-profile shareholders, it’s a priority within the company’s business plan to unlock the full potential of the property portfolio by investing to bring one thousand disused arches into use, providing much needed space for many more entrepreneurial small businesses to start up. The Arch Company values ensure delivery of a front-line customer focused, property and facilities management service to the Arch Company business and tenants. The London portfolio represents the largest share of the national estate, by volume and value. This position is therefore a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation of services to customers.

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