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through November 1 – when it’s not irrigation season. After November 1, we can close down the ditches, dig the holes, put pipe in the ground, cover the pipe, test the pipe, and put the ditches back together. It’s important that irrigation is flowing by March 1.” “Hobas fittings and flanges are specially fabricated,” Friedt said. “All of the fittings are fiberglass bends with an angle bend in 37-foot sec- tions [using 20’ complete lengths of pipe]. For Phases III and IV, we ordered the Hobas fittings back in August to be sure they were deliv- ered even before construction started.” Working in the winter months and in extremely limited working space can make construction a challenge. Albuquerque-based contractor AUI Inc. has met these challenges head on and has not had any setback caused by the winter weather or the tight working conditions. “Hobas has met the scheduling requirements with no problem,” said AUI Proj- ect Manager Marshall Vickers. “Hobas makes a very durable pipe that is used for a variety of applications. We’re using this pipe in a storm drain application, which is installed underneath the existing irrigation

canal. It’s easily managed with good engineering support from the company.” “Because work is performed in a ditch right-of-way, the actual work- ing area ranges from 50 to 80 feet, which includes the ditch bank,” Friedt noted. “The excavation depth is usually between 10 to 25 feet.” In addition, the three dams currently have gates, Lovato said. “We have to keep the gates closed and only open them when water can be discharged into the Conservancy district,” he added. “That takes time. After the project is over, the gates will be removed. Whenever it rains, the dams will be able to produce outflow, which is much better for public safety.” Phase V is slated for completion in early 2021, bringing the total feet of pipe used for the Black Mesa Project to more than five miles.

KIMBERLY PAGGIOLI is VP Marketing and QC at Hobas Pipe.


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