C+S April 2020 Vol. 6 Issue 4 (web)

Custom GNSS monuments designed by Leica Geosystems were moved by helicopter onto the active slide area.

MacIsaac. “The ministry was able to call town officials immediately and tell them with confidence that their access was unaffected.” It was a big win for the ministry and a “a triumph of risk manage- ment,” as Rutledge put it. “Landsides are not unusual around here, and we already have other candidates for long-term monitoring projects,” MacIsaac explains. “Slide remediation and assessment can take a long time, and with what we’ve learned in Old Fort, and with the equipment we’ve assembled, we will be able to respondmuchmore quickly and efficiently.”

ANGUS STOCKING is a licensed land surveyor who has been writing about infrastructure since 2002. To learn more about innovative monitoring solutions, visit https://leica-geosystems.com/industries/monitoring-solutions.

The GM30 receivers required a robust DC power system based around solar energy. This consisted of an appropriately sized solar panel and a battery array capable of providing power in any weather.


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