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Assisted living facilities and nursing homes are places where we hope our loved ones can stay safe and be taken care of as they advance in age and live out the remainder of their lives. But the unfortunate reality is that seniors aren’t always 100% safe within the walls of these facilities. It’s been reported that at least half of nursing home residents will fall each year. Hazards within the nursing home, such as slippery floors and uneven surfaces, cause at least 16% of the falls in any given year, and approximately 1,800 residents in nursing homes will die from fall-related injuries while others who survive can still have lasting injuries. While slips or falls are difficult to prevent, you can always walk around the facility and remind your loved one to be careful when moving around. When trying to keep your loved ones safe inside these facilities, be cautious of other nursing home injuries such as dehydration, malnutrition, untreated infections, and bedsores in various stages due to improper hygiene. While physical signs of these injuries are easier to detect, keep an eye out for mental signs of abuse like depression or anxiety, lack of desire to engage in favorite activities, angry outbursts, or an uncharacteristic demeanor. Try to ask your loved ones questions about their experiences, especially if they suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s and have trouble communicating what’s happening. All of us here at Kramer Law Group understand this topic is never enjoyable to think about, but being vigilant and listening to your family members is the only way to ensure their safety while in these facilities. Not all nursing homes are created equal, and, even though any nursing home can slip up and have a bad day, consistent low scores are a good indicator that your loved one may not be getting the quality care they deserve. We offer a free consultation to help you decide if you have a case worth pursuing. Furthermore, we’re happy to meet with you at your home or even in the nursing facility. Give us a call at 801-601-1229 to schedule an appointment today! SIGNS TO LOOK FOR TO ENSURE PROPER CARE AND TREATMENT CAN YOU GUARANTEE YOUR LOVED ONES ARE SAFE IN THEIR NURSING HOME? At Kramer Law Group, we pride ourselves on always aiming to consistently better ourselves and grow in a way that positively serves our clients. Referrals are an excellent way for us to help even more people. To those of you who have recommended our services to your family and friends, thank you so much. If there is anyone else you believe we could help, don't hesitate to send them our way! HOW CAN WE HELP?


In 2002, the quaint town of Reed Springs, Missouri, declared bankruptcy. The hard decision came after the town was forced to pay $100,000 to Sally Stewart, a woman who sued Reed Springs after she tripped over a pothole during a shopping trip. News of a greedy woman ruining a small village to make a quick buck sparked outrage across the country. But Stewart wasn’t the real villain of this story. A little digging into this case reveals a much deeper conspiracy. Stewart had been visiting Reed Springs in 1998 when she tripped on a pothole hidden beneath some overgrown grass on the sidewalk. But this was no small stumble. Stewart tore two ligaments in her ankle and had to undergo surgery. To help pay for the medical bills, Stewart, who’d never sued anyone before, initially filed a personal injury lawsuit against the owners of the store in front of the pothole. However, the Missouri Court of Appeals determined the city of Reed Springs was liable for Stewart’s injuries. The court ordered Reed Springs to pay Stewart $100,000, over half the city’s annual budget. Despite the high price tag, in normal circumstances, this verdict wouldn’t have forced Reed Springs to declare bankruptcy because the town’s insurance would have covered the bill. Unfortunately, at the time of Stewart’s accident, the mayor of Reed Springs was a corrupt man named Joe Dan Dwyer. Dwyer left office while being investigated for insurance fraud, child pornography, statutory rape, witness bribery, and perjury, and he was later sentenced to seven years in federal prison. Among his many indiscretions, Dwyer also let the town’s insurance policy lapse. Reed Springs didn’t have insurance when Sally Stewart got hurt, which is why they had to write a check out of their own budget and ultimately declare bankruptcy. In this case, what started as a simple pothole accident quickly unveiled the lasting damage of an unscrupulous politician. Perhaps this case serves as reminder about why it’s important to vote in local elections. HOW A SMALL TOWN WENT BANKRUPT OVER A POTHOLE


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