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HOW TO BOOST YOUR RETIREMENT FUNDS When Your Funds Are Lower Than They Should Be Having money saved is crucial for adults aged 50 or older who plan to retire in the near future. Some people are prepared for retirement, having saved a sufficient amount throughout their lives. However, there are people who, despite having tried to save, come up short in their retirement funds. This can send them into a panic. Women account for the largest percentage of people who don’t have enough money in their retirement savings by the time they reach the age of 50. A survey produced by the nonprofit Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies shows that many women who reach retirement age will not have adequate funds to support themselves. Despite having a higher savings rate, the average amount women have saved at the age of 50 is about $35,000, compared to $120,000 for men. What’s the reason behind this? According to the survey, women often have a large gap in their financial savings at some point in their lives. They are more likely to work part time or stop going to work to take care of family members in need. By working less, women tend to earn less money, which prevents them

from putting away sufficient funds for their retirement. This also affects whether or not they are covered by their employer’s retirement benefits, since most employees are required to be full-time in order to receive any benefits. If you’re nearing retirement age, don’t fret — you still have options available to you. If you’re working, look into your company’s retirement plan, especially if they offer a 401(k). According to the IRS, those who qualify (i.e., someone who joins the plan and is 50 years or older) can contribute up to $24,500 a year. To learn more about what options are available, it’s crucial you speak to a planning specialist. By working with someone who understands retirement, you’ll create a solid plan and ensure that you successfully enter and enjoy your retirement.

BOOK A CARIBBEAN CRUISE Safe Sailing This Hurricane Season

After last year’s devastating storm season, would-be tropical travelers are undoubtedly hesitant about purchasing those discounted plane tickets to the Caribbean Basin. No one wants to face a possible evacuation during their vacation — or worse, be forced to weather a hurricane at a beachfront resort. If you want the most bang for your buck while enjoying the turquoise waters of the Caribbean this fall, consider booking a cruise.

out of a storm’s path with ease. For all their ferocity, hurricanes move slowly across the Atlantic and have relatively predictable trajectories. Meanwhile, modern cruise ships carry the most sophisticated weather-tracking instruments, allowing them to bypass even small storms and inclement weather. FLEXIBILITY IS A MUST The flipside of this ability to dodge storms is the fact that your ship may not be able to stick to its original itinerary. You may have to anchor at an island you weren’t expecting to or miss out on seeing a port you were supposed to visit. If you have your heart set on seeing a specific location, cruise travel this time of year may not be for you. But if you are simply looking for a safe, affordable vacation to a beautiful region, then it doesn’t much matter which white-sanded beach you wake up to next. While unpredictable weather will always be a concern for any vacation, the safety and variety cruises offer make them great options for anyone looking for a Caribbean getaway before the holiday season. So if you have a flexible schedule and a healthy sense of adventure, it’s time to call your travel agent, pack your sunscreen and bathing suit, and head to paradise!

Cruise-ship travel is a fun and adventurous way to explore any time of year. After all, what could be more magical than a floating hotel room where you fall asleep in one country and wake up in another? This charming mobility is also what makes cruise travel the safest option for visiting the Caribbean and the coast of Mexico this time of year. SAFETY AND SAVINGS Much like resorts and airfare, cruise lines discount their Caribbean fares significantly during peak hurricane season, from August to October. However, unlike a traditional hotel, these massive ships have the luxury of navigating


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