In the Pipeline Q2 2019


them what I wanted and they said they couldn’t help. What can you do?’

“It wasn’t something that we had in stock, but we could source the part. Going forward I suggested he purchase service kits off us. BT “One of our national account customers, BT, gave us two jobs just before Christmas. Both of these were worth more than a thousand pounds, which is good money. He turned up again between Christmas and new year and then again with another machine in January. That’s four jobs in two months. “As a result of the Christmas holiday period, we hadn’t been able to get an order number so we said, ‘No problem. Give me your name and mobile number and we’ll create the order number in the new year.’ “We did that, billed the customer and then in the middle of January received an email from him saying ‘I cannot believe the service I had from Pirtek Swansea.’ He praised our ability and can- do attitude. The email is hanging on the wall and the engineer involved is rightly proud of it. “Now he’s asked us to service and overhaul all of his generators – and he’s got 78 in South Wales.” Reputation Pirtek Swansea has been making great progress in rebuilding its reputation for excellent customer service. “We are getting more and more comments about what we have achieved and now customers are coming back,” Ian says, pointing out a second email pinned to the wall.

The PTO unit

“That was Josh from Ashtead Plant. He says that over the last few months he has noticed a positive difference in the level of service.”

“By the time you drive on site and investigate the leak, it’s already taken an hour. Rather than say, ‘There’s not a lot I can do, you’ve got a bigger problem than just a hydraulic hose,’ we say, ‘We can do

‘There’s been a big change in the business since I was last here’

Predictability and meeting your commitments are critical, says Ian.

that.’ This is what we offer our customers.

“What’s the point of advertising an ETA of one hour if you’re not going to be there?

“So our engineer on site rang me and asked what to do. I called the

customer to say ‘This is the situation, you’re based up country, the lorry’s down here.

“Since Jason came along, all the staff have worked well together as a team,” says Ian. Just one call “We were called out to a breakdown on a roll-on-roll-off skip lorry. When we got there, we found that the hydraulic pump had blown. There was nothing we could do with it. The casing was cracked – it was game over.

If you want us to step in and help, we will.’

“We coned off the vehicle and our hydraulics engineer went on site the following morning. He isolated the lorry and removed the parts, which we sourced that day to come in for the following morning, when we went back down and put it all back together.

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