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straightforward. To answer them you need to really get into your head what it is that they’re asking for.” There are four levels of Constructionline: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. “The platinum level is more for major contractors and large infrastructure projects and is above anywhere we need to be,” explains Ben. “Companies like Balfour Beatty, Forth Ports and Murphy Plant insist on Gold level accreditation, so if your business doesn’t have it, you shouldn’t get work from them. “The same goes for SSIP. Each centre should be accredited to an appropriate level where their customers can have confidence in them. “Gold membership is a big advantage when bidding for work from larger companies,” Ben says. “Certain customers pay Constructionline for accredited information, meaning we have an advantage in getting work from them.” These include Herriot Watt University, Balfour Beatty, Murphy Pipeline and Forth Ports. “Another accreditation we have is Avetta, which is a little different to Constructionline,” Ben says, “in that it is a multi-site accreditation whereby Pirtek UK and Jim Imrie complete the bulk of the documentation. “This gives companies like Tarmac, Cemex and Aggregate Industries a similar level of information, giving them the peace of mind that the Pirtek franchisee has taken steps to minimise health and safety risks, provide efficient long term paperwork and protect the environment.” The health and safety aspect of Constructionline Gold membership falls under the aegis of SSIP, Ben says.

“The umbrella over these agencies is Safety Systems In Procurement, a government run scheme where you have to achieve a certain level of paperwork, a certain level of insurance and standards to be accepted.

Some firms don’t want to get involved because it’s just more paperwork but it’s not going away. “This business is registered, meaning I can quote for larger contracts via their tender system. It’s hugely important that they know that they have a system in place that verifies that the contractors

“The SSIP scheme should in theory cover almost all business that’s done in the UK.

24/7 Hydraulic Service

Congratulations to Ben Jones of Pirtek Edingburgh for successfully passing his Constructionline Gold Certificate

CONSTRUCTIONLINE GOLD CERTIFICATE Constructionline is a register for pre-qualified contractors and consultants used by the construction industry of the United Kingdom. The database contains details for over 46,000 suppliers and is accessed by more than 4,000 buyer organisations. Constructionline provides procurement and supply chain management services, helping buyers source suppliers. As well as its database, Constructionline hosts a number of Meet the Buyer and supplier engagement events across the UK.

Gold membership also includes a Health and Safety SSIP Certificate .

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