In the Pipeline Q2 2019


of the major parts was what we called Pirtek in to do, the hydraulic system. Over the last six years we’ve worked our way through the boat replacing, updating it and hydraulics was the one of the last big jobs to be done. “We called Pirtek and they’ve done an excellent job. In three days, they’ve gone from stem to stern and replaced every hydraulic flexible hose and a few others on top of that, to give us confidence in the boat.” “We’ve used Pirtek for bits and pieces for years,” says Rick. “They’ve always been helpful and knowledgeable so it seemed natural to me to ask them to take this job on.” Pirtek Bristol MSST, Chay Cotton says, “Essentially, it’s just normal hydraulic pipes. But access on ships is a bit restricted so it’s harder than everyday

machinery. Some of the hoses have been on the ship for about 20 years, so just getting some of them undone was an issue.

“It’s like any job, you get some easy ones,

some harder ones. This is the first ship that I’ve worked on, it’s something different and that’s a good thing.” Steve says, “We’ve gone for the best possible hoses that Pirtek recommended. When we go to sea or even up or down the harbour, when you’ve got a boat full of schoolchildren, you have to have complete confidence in the engine and the hydraulics. “If we got a burst hose at sea, we would lose all propulsion. Then we would be at the mercy of the wind and the tide, which isn’t good. “On boats, hydraulics are compact, buried under decks and inaccessible. Even if it were possible to fix it at sea, we would have to find the problem first. We’ve had to remove the galley, sinks to get to the original hoses. “Now we have that confidence and she should be good for at least another 20 years.”

Pirtek Bristol MSST Chay Cotton

UK 0800 38 24 38 ROI 1800 74 78 35


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