DuPont Wealth - August 2018

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18 AUG



Here we are, in the dog days of summer. It seems like nothing moves this time of year; it’s too hot and humid for change. Some days, just kicking back in my hammock with a good book seems like too much exertion. I can’t wait for the cool winds of September to kick in and the age-old chant of “O-H! I-O!” to begin to swell. I’ve got high hopes for the Buckeyes this season, though whoever gets slated to fill J.T. Barrett’s shoes is going to have a lot of expectations to live up to. At the time of this writing, we’re fortunate enough to have three great QB candidates lined up, and I for one want to see what this redshirt freshman, Tate Martell, has to offer. Regardless, you can bet I’ll be cheering my heart out for my alma mater this fall. For now, all I can do is sit in the shade, martini in hand, and dream of the future. While college football may be a ways off yet, now is the season for college visitations in our family. My daughter Sophie and I will be touring plenty of campuses around the state as she prepares to start her junior year of high school at the end of the month. Naturally, I’m biased toward OSU, but she’s got a lot of great options in front of her. I’m just happy that Michigan is nowhere on her list! Sophie has been preparing for the future for some time now. She has her heart set on becoming a physical therapist and has already worked an internship at a local clinic. Having done dance most of her life, Sophie has experienced the important work these medical professionals do to get people with “AS I SIT HERE AND REFLECT ON THIS SWELTERING MONTH, I REALIZE THAT

Of course, Sophie has also spent some time helping me train Skylar. For those tracking the progress of our Bernese puppy, I’m happy to report she’s making some progress. The pup is still very much a knucklehead, but at least she’s starting to get potty trained. The problem is that she knows how cute she is and that she can get away with a lot. Hopefully we’ll have her under control before she grows much bigger. Dog days indeed! As I sit here and reflect on this sweltering month, I realize that the humid sense of stillness is largely an illusion. Even before fall starts in earnest, there is still change happening all around me, from a pup adjusting to her new home to a teenager preparing for her future. I’m sure many of our readers have plans of their own in motion, despite the heat. If you need help planning for your financial future, I’m just a phone call away.

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hard work to help others in the same way is inspiring. You won’t find many people her age willing to spend their summer in a PT clinic!

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