two-by-four or two-by-six side walls. They have plywood or OSB flooring, upgraded windows and insulation packages, upgraded appliances, cabinetry, and plumbing fixtures. My dad who was a mason con- tractor and a builder in the Chicago area came to visit me in Texas. He looked at about 15 of my properties and he said, “Wow these are built better than most of the track houses in Chicago!” That’s another rea- son this type of investment is a real secret because people do not realize how well they’re built. They are built every bit as well as most track hous- es—and in many cases even better! Here are some other great advan- tages that manufactured homes have compared to single-family homes. Manufactured homes are typically one-third to half the cost of a site

build/single-family home, so it’s a much lower buy-in price and our investors love it because they can pay cash for these houses and have tremendous cashflow every month! in many cases, the cashflow is lit - erally double what a single-family home would be! It’s also great for tenants too, because not only are they getting more square footage for their dollar, but they’re getting a half-acre to an acre of land, so the kids have a place to play, verses living on a zero-lot line house in the city. These homes come with an FHA compliant concrete foundation, which is really important when you go to sell the home too, because it qualifies for the same FHA financ - ing as a single-family home does. These properties are also in the suburbs and in the country and in

most cases have much better school districts than the ones in cities. My attorney says never use the words “recession proof,” so I am going to call it “recession resis- tant © ” and here’s why: Manufac- tured homes on land are the most affordable home in America today. They are always in demand. No matter how bad things get, people are going to do two things: they are going to eat first and then they are going to have roof over their head. •

As founder of MobileVestEd, Glenn Stromberg is an expert in mobile home real estate investment. He wants to help every investor find success in the market, and believe that mobile homes are one of the best – and easiest – methods to do it.

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