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60  Millions of Unsellable Homes Could Upheave the Housing Market What this mismatched market means for real estate investors by Ben Rao

62  Manufactured/Mobile Homes on Acreage: The Best Kept Secret in Real Estate Investing Properties that look better than the competition by Glenn Stromberg, Think Realty Resident Expert 64  Demographic Shifts Are Key to Creative REI Strategies

Featured Member: Kemra Norsworthy

15  Contributor Corner Meet Aaron Norris

FUNDAMENTALS 24  Investing Ideas That Work

Being mindful of societal trends can get you ahead of the curve by Bruce McNeilage

Stretching your mind is a no brainer in real estate investing by Michael Zuber

66  The Greatest Retirement Plan

26 The Next BIG Wave:

Getting creative in note investing gets you more returns by W.J. Mencarow

Motel to Multifamily Conversions A strategy to solve the affordable housing crisis by Ellis Hammond 28 Cardone’s Column: Creative Real Estate Investing Strategies Out-of-the-box options offer more ways to invest in real estate than ever before by Grant Cardone 30  Creative Marketing for Real Estate Investors

DESIGN POINT 68  Investment Treasures

Investigating potential can lead to surprising profits that others pass up by Michele Van der Veen 72  Hiding Places Creating usable space in unusual places adds intrigue to homes by Tamara Day MARKETS & TRENDS 74  Market Spotlight: Charlotte A high-octane market by Fred Heigold III 77  The Unusual Suspects A look at some different developments in real estate by Ingo Winzer 78  On the Radar: Accessory Dwelling Units An in-depth look at an up-an-coming investment strategy by Aaron Norris

Attract more customers and rank higher in search results by Shawn Tiberio

35 Investor Review 54 3 Steps to Improve Rent Collection Decrease late payments with these simple steps by Ben Luxon 56 Being Creative with Wholesale Deals How to provide your investors with more properties by Brian Snider STRATEGY 58  Three Reasons to Sell Your Real Estate for Cryptocurrency High return is possible with this creative strategy by Steve Streetman

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