Overheard from Houston The Think Realty Conference & Expo in Houston brought together (in-person and virtually) elite experts and dynamic personalities from all over the country to share their knowledge of and experience in the real estate investing industry. If you missed out, here are some snippets from this educational, inspirational event that really got attendees thinking:

You can’t make money and make excuses at the same time —Grant Cardone , Cardone Capital

Knowing your WHY has become so cliché, but it IS important to —Jason Engelman , Freaky Fast Home Buyers & Investments have a purpose and to know your purpose.

The number-one reason people don’t make it in this business: Put yourself in the position to be bankable. Liquidity. —Eddie Gant , Jet Lending There are rates of return, and then there is control and the ability to —Gary Pinkerton , Aligned Strategic Wealth take action and sustain.

Money is useless

—Grant Cardone , Cardone Capital until it is used.

—Marco Santarelli, Norada Real Estate Investments Don’t wait because prices are probably going up, not down. There’s no point in waiting—that’s just lost opportunity. If you’re going to invest, invest. don’t sit on the sidelines. If you’re thinking of getting into new construction,

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