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It’s summertime! After the 4th of July, it’s official. The sun is out, the days are long, the clock is ticking. It’s in our cells to take advantage of ALL THE DAYS that are beautiful. Maximizing your health can take so many routes in the summer. I personally love to get out and about, both within and away from Portland. I do find, however, that traveling, or even being extra busy, challenges my health in other ways. I’ve had a few new health challenges since having my daughter and I am sensitive to a silly amount of foods. So planning a car trip or plane trip means I need to think about food far before getting in the car. Packing some healthy snacks so I have something good to reach for when I’m hungry always makes the travel days go better. (Of course, I haven’t found that this works quite as well for children. Turns out their favorite is whatever you forgot). Wherever you go, take the time to embrace your surroundings. Try doing some yoga on the beach, or take a long walk through a city park. My new favorite adventure-time activity: stand-up paddleboarding. SO peaceful and great exercise. I would recommend wake- free zones, however. Paddling with a 60-lb child on my board has posed a whole new exercise challenge, especially when navigating a wake. One of my go-tos for adventure is to always try something new, whether it be a food, a cocktail, or an experience. On a recent trip to Mexico, my daughter begged to try the fish feet pedicure. I thought, “When else are we going to have this chance?” Trying something new even boosts your feel-good neurotransmitters and connections in the brain. If I hadn’t ended up as a physical therapist, I would have studied the brain in some form or another (dream research was a top contender when I was 18). The ability to change F rom T he D esk O f Shelly Coffman

S wimming I s the N ew R unning Propel Your Way to Health

Cardiovascular exercise gets your blood pumping, raises your heart rate, boosts your lung capacity, and burns calories. According to the Mayo Clinic, regular aerobic activity — exercise that improves your body’s ability to absorb and transport oxygen — can help you live longer and healthier. Effective cardio allows you to breathe faster and more deeply, which maximizes the amount of oxygen in your blood. With highly oxygenated blood, your heart can beat faster, which increases the blood flow to your muscles and your lungs. Capillaries — small blood vessels — are then able to widen and rid your muscles of waste products, such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid. This, in turn, increases the release of endorphins in your body, which promotes an increased sense of well-being. Swimming achieves all of the benefits of cardio, and it leaves you weightless, with less impact on your joints. However, cardio is only as effective as the effort you put into it. Finding the appropriate pace while swimming can ensure maximum cardio benefits. A STRONGER HEART Though most people treat it as a fun and leisurely activity, swimming is actually a great workout. The movements involved in swimming, such as in the

how you feel just by flipping your perspective, your mood, or your location is a power unto itself. Take a moment to choose how you want your path to look, then GO! - Shelly Coffman

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