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January 2023

I Want To Die But I Want To Eat Tteokbokki (2022) By Baek Sehee In times of darkness, when all seems hopeless and lackluster, South Korean author Baek-Sehee’s mind often conjures up countless questions to inspire faith: What about the people that love you? What about the millions of possibilities where things can get better? And perhaps most importantly, don’t you want to eat tteokbokki again?

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Watersong (2022) By Clarissa Goenawan

The world is so much more than black and white, for there are always things unknown to us — secrets. A person is not who you think they are unless you know what they hide from the world. Explore the fictional Japanese town of Akakawa and meet Shouji Arai, an “ear prostitute.” Arai is tasked with listening to the confessions and stories made (no matter how bizarre) by the town’s elite.

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Solo Dance (2022) By Li Kotomi

“Love conquers all” – we are often taught this maxim as children. We are persuaded to believe the very essence of love can solve all life’s problems. Yet, for those of us who do not fit the heteronormative ideal, individuals on the fringe of the already unstable fabric of modern society, love is not safe. On the contrary, it is dangerous, deadly, and can cost us our freedom and even our lives.

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