2023 Book Review Mini Mag PDF


January 2023

Paper Boats (2017) By Dee Lestari

Sometimes in our younger, more vulnerable years, we find ourselves roaming the world, trying to find out who we are and what we are meant to do. Set between the Netherlands and Indonesia, Dee Lestari’s novel serves to remind younger Indonesian generations to march to the beat of their own drum regardless of parental demands and expectations.

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Dead-End Memories (2022) By Banana Yoshimoto

Why do people assume relationships could ever make logical sense? Legendary storyteller Banana Yoshimoto meditates on love and relationships in her latest collection of five short stories. The shimmering red strings that tie humans together are convoluted at best. At their most devastating, they are temporary and ephemeral, like the changing ginkgo leaves that pile on the streets during Japan’s fall season.

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Fish Swimming In Dappled Sunlight (2022) By Riku Onda Japanese suspense author, Riku Onda, presents us with a psychological thriller that spans the course of a single night. A man and woman decide to spend one final evening together in their shared Tokyo apartment before going their separate ways. Over the course of a shared convenience store meal and some drinks, they discuss the events that brought them to this moment, with both feeling together yet simultaneously apart.

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