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January 2023

At The Edge Of The Woods (2022) By Masatsugu Ono

Japanese author, Masatsugu Ono, writes about an unnamed country where a family of three settles into a creaking house at the edge of an ominous forest. The father cannot help but notice that something is quite off about this place. Are the trees coughing? No… laughing? As so many Japanese legends have it, fantastical creatures live in the depths of the woods where feudal lords of antiquity ruled and resistance fighters were defeated. The carcasses of their once beautiful creations have made wonderful castles for forest imps and ghouls.

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Longing And Other Stories (2022) By Jun'ichiro Tanizaki Originally published in Japanese during the literary reign of legendary Japanese writer, Jun’ichirō Tanizaki (1910-1965), three famous short stories are finally accessible to an English-speaking audience in this new compilation. Through a vulnerable child’s eyes, parents represent stability, protection, and even eternity. What happens when eternity grows small and seemingly insignificant?

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Woman Running In The Mountians (2022) By Yuko Tsushima Yūko Tsushima’s novel follows society’s rejection of Takiko who is shunned because of her sudden pregnancy at the tender age of twenty-one. It is Takiko’s unfettered commitment to herself and her happiness that causes her family and Japanese society to ostracize and condemn her. Takiko’s self-conviction is almost supernatural. She will go on after her pregnancy. Such an unabashed belief in oneself lends a deeper understanding to the reader: single parenthood is its own form of heroism.

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