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My World Revolves Around My Daughters

When my wife was pregnant with our youngest, we didn’t tell her sister because she was so young she wouldn’t have understood. Once the youngest was born, my older daughter came up to the hospital to meet her younger sister and the two have been inseparable since. She was so happy and immediately assumed the protective older sister role. For example, if I am tickling my younger daughter and she tells me between giggles to stop, her sister will say emphatically, “Daddy, she said stop.” It’s adorable. Our oldest is already in ballet and gymnastics, and our youngest was just moved up into gymnastics classes for 3-year-olds. She can’t start ballet until she officially turns 3, and she can barely wait. We’ve had to explain to her that she won’t be able to start exactly on her birthday because we have to wait for new classes to start. To keep her from getting antsy, she and her sister will put on their ballet outfits on the weekends and perform in the living room. When we have a moment alone, Laura and I enjoy running together. We are both into fitness, but Laura wasn’t a runner until after we started dating. Throughout our relationship, she’s learned to love it. It’s a great way for us to spend quality time together while also maintaining good health. When we can get away, my family enjoys going up north every summer. Sometimes, we visit our extended family, and other times, we rent a cabin on the lake. It’s nice to relax and enjoy each other’s company once in a while, and our girls love playing on the beach and in the water.

When I’m not at Janet Davis Cleaners, I am at home with my wife, Laura, chasing around our two daughters. We are an active family and spend a lot of time outdoors. The girls spend every warm hour in the day riding their bikes and playing with the neighborhood kids. My sister-in-law’s family actually lives right down the street from us, so my girls often run down to their cousins’ house to see if they can play. My girls are still pretty young. The oldest is 5, and the youngest is 2½. Both girls have strong personalities and wills. They know exactly what they like and what they don’t, and they have no problem verbalizing their thoughts to Laura or myself. I don’t want to make it sound like they don’t know how to compromise; they just have very strong opinions for little kids! For example, both girls like to dress themselves in the morning. So I set out guidelines of what they need to put on for the day, and they pick out their shirts, pants, shoes, and hairstyles. I swear they are 2½ and 5 going on 15 and 20. We are a very loving family, and I can truly say my girls are two peas in a pod. They’ve never had issues getting along. Of course they have fights like any other siblings, but they are truly best friends. When they play together, they create fanciful worlds for their dolls and toy cars. They both have strong imaginations and since they naturally get along, it’s fun to watch them play and create together.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year. We will see you soon.

–Kyle Matthews

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