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My World Revolves Around My Daughters

When my wife was pregnant with our youngest, we didn’t tell her sister because she was so young she wouldn’t have understood. Once the youngest was born, my older daughter came up to the hospital to meet her younger sister and the two have been inseparable since. She was so happy and immediately assumed the protective older sister role. For example, if I am tickling my younger daughter and she tells me between giggles to stop, her sister will say emphatically, “Daddy, she said stop.” It’s adorable. Our oldest is already in ballet and gymnastics, and our youngest was just moved up into gymnastics classes for 3-year-olds. She can’t start ballet until she officially turns 3, and she can barely wait. We’ve had to explain to her that she won’t be able to start exactly on her birthday because we have to wait for new classes to start. To keep her from getting antsy, she and her sister will put on their ballet outfits on the weekends and perform in the living room. When we have a moment alone, Laura and I enjoy running together. We are both into fitness, but Laura wasn’t a runner until after we started dating. Throughout our relationship, she’s learned to love it. It’s a great way for us to spend quality time together while also maintaining good health. When we can get away, my family enjoys going up north every summer. Sometimes, we visit our extended family, and other times, we rent a cabin on the lake. It’s nice to relax and enjoy each other’s company once in a while, and our girls love playing on the beach and in the water.

When I’m not at Janet Davis Cleaners, I am at home with my wife, Laura, chasing around our two daughters. We are an active family and spend a lot of time outdoors. The girls spend every warm hour in the day riding their bikes and playing with the neighborhood kids. My sister-in-law’s family actually lives right down the street from us, so my girls often run down to their cousins’ house to see if they can play. My girls are still pretty young. The oldest is 5, and the youngest is 2½. Both girls have strong personalities and wills. They know exactly what they like and what they don’t, and they have no problem verbalizing their thoughts to Laura or myself. I don’t want to make it sound like they don’t know how to compromise; they just have very strong opinions for little kids! For example, both girls like to dress themselves in the morning. So I set out guidelines of what they need to put on for the day, and they pick out their shirts, pants, shoes, and hairstyles. I swear they are 2½ and 5 going on 15 and 20. We are a very loving family, and I can truly say my girls are two peas in a pod. They’ve never had issues getting along. Of course they have fights like any other siblings, but they are truly best friends. When they play together, they create fanciful worlds for their dolls and toy cars. They both have strong imaginations and since they naturally get along, it’s fun to watch them play and create together.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year. We will see you soon.

–Kyle Matthews

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To Eat Healthier Than Ever

Do your kids get enough nutrients in their diet? If they’re like most kids, the answer is probably no. You want your children to eat more vegetables and less processed junk, but that’s easier said than done. Getting the average kid to chow down on a serving of broccoli is a chore. Food manufacturers have built an entire industry around our kids’ penchant for sugary cereal and fast food. However, a diet of processed foods can lead to a host of problems, including hindered brain development and even behavioral issues. A study in the American Journal of Public Health found links between poor diet and the development of depression in kids and teens.

When you close your eyes and picture your dream bed, chances are you don’t imagine an ugly, crinkled label sticking out from the spread. The manufacturers of comforters and bedspreads know this, but they are required by the FTC to place a care label in all bedding sold in the United States. Many folks cut the labels off immediately after making the bed; however, these potentially annoying tabs of paper contain valuable information on how to properly clean your bedding. Whether they’re attached or included in the packaging, these labels are good to hold on to for personal reference. By all means, remove the tabs from your bedding, but hold on to them to use when laundry day comes around. These will help you keep track of which washing techniques the manufacturers recommend and will increase the longevity of your bedspreads and comforters. Nobody’s perfect, those little scraps of paper can be difficult to keep track of. Don’t feel bad if you’ve thrown away or lost the label for that new comforter. A professional dry cleaner has experience with bedding of all shapes and sizes and can answer any questions you might have about safely and effectively cleaning your label-free product. The best way to give them a hand with this is to at least know the composition of the items you want cleaned. This will ensure your bedding comes out looking great, without any unnecessary wear and tear. When cleaning time rolls around, it’s best to do the entire set at once — spread, pillowcases, comforter, the works. This goes double for the first time you wash a bed set. This is because it is not uncommon for slight color changes in the fabric to occur during the cleaning process. The widest variation typically occurs the first time these items are cleaned. By keeping your items together, you ensure this change is uniform. The last thing you want is a miss-matched bed of slightly-off colors. If you have questions or concerns about how to clean your bedspread or comforter, please reach out to us. We have years of experience — no label, no problem! KNOW HOW TO CLEAN YOUR BEDSPREADS AND COMFORTERS PUT THE LABELS TO BED

So, how can you encourage your kids to eat healthier foods? One way is through presentation. A mound of plain old veggies is unappealing, whether you’re 10 years old or 40. The solution is to think of vegetables as an ingredient rather than as a stand-alone dish. Take lasagna, for instance. You can easily modify this beloved Italian dish. Instead of using lasagna noodles, slice zucchini into thin, noodle-like strips and layer them as you would typical pasta. The same can be done for other pasta dishes. Zucchini

noodles made with a spiralizer — also known as “zoodles” — make a mean substitute for spaghetti. Pair them with your favorite marinara sauce or toss them in a slightly less decadent, but still delicious, alfredo. Vegetables can also be incorporated into other foods your children already know and love. Did you know you can make brownies with avocado and black beans? Slipping in a few healthier ingredients here and there can deliver the nutrients your kids need to power through a busy school week. If you want to foster long-lasting healthy eating habits, the best thing you can do is offer your child some agency. For example, saying to your child, “You can have the cauliflower or the broccoli. It’s up to you!” empowers them to make their own decision based on their preferences. Psychologists and social scientists, including the famed Dr. Maria Montessori, argue that when kids feel in charge of a decision, they are more likely to embrace the ability to choose, even if it’s between two kinds of vegetables. Ultimately, as a parent, you are in control of your child’s diet. Help them explore new foods and foster a positive culinary environment. Your kids will develop a taste for healthy eating in no time!

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Every time you look at the label on your favorite suit, you see those three little words that make you clutch your wallet and cringe: dry-clean only. Luckily, we have great news for you! Not every dry-clean-only item needs to be professionally cleaned after each use. In fact, some can even go months without going to the dry cleaner. Because shirts, blouses, and dresses fit closely against your skin, they absorb your sweat and the oils from your skin more than other articles of clothing, like pants or jackets. That means they require regular trips to the dry cleaner to stay clean and fresh. We recommend having your shirts and blouses cleaned after one or two wears. Unlike shirts, sweaters don’t typically come into contact with your bare skin. That means you can go a few more wears between cleanings. Plus, the less often you have to clean the sweater, the longer the fabric lasts. Unless something spills on it, it has picked up an odor, or you’ve worn it without an undershirt, sweaters can be dry-cleaned every three wears. Although some people don’t dry-clean their formal wear very often, formal wear tends to be made of more fragile material than other articles of clothing, which means they require regular cleaning. Therefore, we recommend having your evening wear dry-cleaned after one or two wears. SUDOKU DRY-CLEAN YOUR CLOTHING? How Often Should You

Because you wear a dress shirt or blouse under your suit jacket, it tends to not require frequent trips to the cleaner. That being said, make sure to check the areas of the jacket that get dirty more quickly, like the collar, sleeve hems, and elbows. You can take your suit to the cleaners every three to five wears. Outerwear is worn over other articles of clothing, so it’s not likely to absorb sweat or body odor. Therefore, unless your outerwear gets stained or dirty or starts to smell musty, we recommend having it professionally cleaned just once a year. Once you know when you should be cleaning your items of clothing, dry-cleaning becomes easy and stress free. Plus, with our free pickup and delivery service, you’ll never have to worry about running an errand to Janet Davis Cleaners. Are you ready to obey the dry-clean-only tag? Contact us today!

Want to spruce up your morning yogurt? Top it with this tasty granola. Even better, swap out the dairy for coconut yogurt and enjoy your vegan breakfast. PISTACHIO GOJI BERRY Granola


1 cup rolled oats

1/3 cup pistachios, chopped

½ teaspoon salt

¼ cup coconut flakes

1 tablespoon coconut oil

1 teaspoon cinnamon

3 tablespoons maple syrup

1/3 cup goji berries


1. Heat a large skillet over low heat. Add oats in a thin layer and toast for 1–2 minutes. Add coconut oil and salt, then stir. Continue toasting for 5–7 minutes, stirring occasionally. 2. Add maple syrup 1 tablespoon at a time; stir to coat. 3. Once oats are toasted, add pistachios, coconut flakes, and

cinnamon. Cook slowly until pistachios and coconut flakes are toasted but not burned, for about 5 minutes. 4. Remove from pan and stir in goji berries. 5. Let cool and enjoy as a snack or on top of your yogurt!

Recipe inspired by LoveAndLemons.com.

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Reinvent Your Out-of-Town Workouts With These Apps

Do all your early morning workout plans blast out of the jet engine when you travel? New time zones and ill-equipped hotel gyms may make you want to put off training. But now, with the internet just a tap away, there’s no excuse to miss a workout. Being away from home doesn’t mean you have to abandon your fitness goals. Check out these apps (most of them are available for free from iTunes or Google Play) and work out wherever your travels take you. FOR THE MARATHON TRAINER If you forget your Fitbit and need to track your miles, Moves has your back. With automatic tracking capabilities and features that tell you how far you’ve walked, cycled, or run, this app will help you stick to your training schedule. It also recognizes and maps routes you’ve run before. FOR THE MEDITATION NEWBIE Wanderlust’s guiding mantra is “Find your true north.” During yoga, meditation, and Pilates classes, Wanderlust instructors can help you focus your energy and restore your physical and mental well-being. Download this app or visit Wanderlust’s website for free classes, like the 21-day yoga challenge, which can keep you disciplined and motivated. Additional workshops and events are available for a small subscription fee. HIT ‘DOWNLOAD’ and Unlock Your Fitness Potential

FOR THE FREQUENT FLYER Don’t miss your workout just because you’re away from your home gym. Use Rise Today to locate a class near you. Use filters to search for the type of class you want, from CrossFit to barre workouts. Once you’ve selected a class, you can secure a spot with the in-app reservation feature. There’s no need to fall behind in your Bodypump class. FOR THOSE WHO AREN’T MORNING PEOPLE An app that lets you finish your morning workout in bed? Yes, please! Yoga Wakeup does exactly what the name suggests: It wakes you up with a short yoga or meditation routine. From “Reach and Root Wakeup” to “Spirit Wakeup,” you can select each morning routine’s intensity. Choose a wakeup, set your wakeup time, and let the gentle voice of your instructor clear away the morning’s inevitable grogginess. Forget breakfast in bed; you’ll feel so much better waking up this way.

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