Orange County Insight 12/2020

Orange County Cares Act Spending Plan and Coronavirus Response

By Glenda E. Bradley, ICMA - CM Assistant County Administrator for Management Services

The Commonwealth ’ s primary distribution of CARES Act funds to localities has been on a per capita basis. Orange County received two distributions of $3,232,557 each in June and August of 2020. In addition, the County has been awarded categorical aid ($2,224,732) from several state and federal agencies (also through the CARES Act) to fund specific targeted responses to the pandemic. These funds specifically funded programs for COVID - related initiatives in areas such as elections, childcare and tourism. Proposed spending plans for all allocations were approved by the Board of Supervisors and cover four proposed program areas: County Direct Response, Individual and Family Assistance, Business and Community Partner Support, Broadband Access Emergency Projects. The County Direct Response category totals $4,094,421 and addresses several areas of need. Expenditures in this section of the proposed spending plan include administrative leave for employees who could not work due to building closures, wages for expanded hours at the childcare centers, additional sanitation measures, office modifications to allow for social distancing, software and equipment to minimize the need for in - person business transactions and enhance teleworking capabilities, janitorial supplies and other equipment and supplies directly related to the coronavirus pandemic response. In addition, this allocation will reimburse the County for specific first responders ’ salaries during the time of the pandemic. For Individual and Family Assistance, a total of $328,610 has been appropriated for utility, rent and childcare assistance. The utility and rental assistance is being managed by the Department of Social Services who has partnered with other local assistance organizations to create criteria for eligibility, and process and approve applications. The childcare allocation will be shared between a contribution to the Boys and Girls Club (seek to serve up to 106 children with childcare each week) and grants/subsidies to the Office on Youth ’ s Childcare Programs (also serving approx. 100 children). The Business and Community Partner Support category totals $2,085,354. This includes funds allocated to assist Orange County businesses impacted by COVID - 19 in the amount of $515,000. These grants are being administered by the Community Investment Collaborative located in Charlottesville. An additional $20,000 has been reserved for a consumer confidence campaign to support local businesses. Allocations have also been made to several specific community partners impacted by COVID including the volunteer fire companies, Germanna Community College, the Central Virginia Regional Jail, the Rappahannock Juvenile Detention Center, local food pantries, local 4 - H Program and others. Allocations to the Towns of Orange and Gordonsville from CARES Act funds are included in this category and are based on population as shown below.

Allocation of CARES Act Funding to Towns




Population Percentage Funding Allocation

Source of Population Estimates

Town of Gordonsville

1,605 5,049

4.3319% 13.6272%

280,060 Most recent estimate-2018 Weldon Cooper 881,012 Most recent estimate-2018 Weldon Cooper

Town of Orange

Orange County


0.4341% 6,465,114

1,161,072 Population estimate used to distribute CARES Funds

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