Orange County Insight 12/2020

Parks & Recreation Presents the 2020 Tacky Lights Tour

The Orange County Tacky Lights Tour, hosted by Orange County Parks & Recreation returns in 2020 to shine some light into a year that desperately needs it. This event is in its 4th year of operation. Unlike the Office Costume and the Gingerbread House events, this program is not a contest, but rather a light - hearted tour. As such, entry is free and there are no display requirements , so long as decorations are family friendly. After a tough year, our local corps of Griswoldians has resoundingly answered the call to offer beacons of hope through the time - honored art of exterior illumination. In fact, participation this year increased by nearly 42% to a total of eighteen houses, and truly spans the county. Display locations included this year extend nearly to either end of the county! The Parks & Recreation Department knows that households decorate out of the goodness of their hearts and expect no compensation. However, to commemorate their efforts the office has traditionally provided a small thank - you gift. This year, this appreciation takes the form of an etched metal ornament shaped like the event logo. P&R hopes that these ornaments help keep the memory of their participation bright year after year. The ultimate goal of the program is to provide an enjoyable family activity, which is perhaps needed now more than ever. Parks & Recreation wants county residents and visitors to load up the old front - wheel drive sleigh with their households and go enjoy some of the best light displays in the area. To that end, the guide is formatted as a trifold brochure. which is available electronically at, or in printed form at the Parks & Recreation office and the Orange County Visitor Center. The brochure provides a link to a Google Map to help folks plan their routes. Parks & Recreation would like to remind those following the tour that they must follow all general traffic laws. They should not trespass on private property, and of course, they should NOT use their phones while driving. Have a great tour!

“ Tacky Lights ” and “ Gingerbread Contest ” by Jayson Woods of the Parks & Recreation Department

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