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March 2019


A Little Spring- Cleaning

4. KOMONO After organizing clothing and papers, komono is next. Komono represents pretty much everything else, from the kitchen and garage, to bathrooms, offices, and kids’ room. Find a place for everything, only keeping those items you really need. 5. SENTIMENTAL ITEMS In our house, this might be the biggest category of all! Having four young children, our storage area is full of handprint turkeys, valentines, and years of homemade Christmas gifts. The good news is these are items you can keep in the KonMari method! 6. PROFESSIONAL TEETH CLEANING Okay, your dental cleaning didn’t make the KonMari cleaning method, but it should have! If you have been to our office recently, you might have heard us talking about some of the latest research showing people who had not been to the dentist in the previous year had a 50 percent higher mortality rate than those who went two or more times annually. Researchers have concluded that good oral health promotes longevity by helping people avoid serious systemic diseases sparked by infections and chronic inflammation. If you’re about to tackle some spring organization, I hope you find the above list helpful. When you’ve realized you’re overdue for your dental cleaning, please give us a call — we’d love to see you!

W ith the temperatures starting to get warm, plants and lawns slowly coming back to life, and winter behind us, it’s officially time for some spring-cleaning. A few weeks ago, my wife and I stumbled upon the Netflix TV sensation “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” The premise of the show is that best-selling author and decluttering guru Marie Kondo goes from home to home of families in need of organization while film crews follow. Kondo calls her approach the KonMari method and essentially asks us to decide which items “spark joy in us” and which items we should donate or discard. If you’re like me and would rather just have the bullet points instead of binging on an entire Netflix season to get the details, I’ve highlighted the KonMari method below. 1. CLOTHING Clothing is the first item tackled in the KonMari method, and in the show, you can watch as people painfully pile mountains of clothes on their bed, going through each item and asking if it indeed sparks joy in them or if it should be passed along. Aside from removing all items that no longer fit or do not bring joy, Kondo advises to fold all clothes that are stored in drawers vertically to save space and make items more accessible. 2. BOOKS Once all clothing items have been sorted, the process can be completed for books. Only books that spark joy are saved. 3. Papers Kondo state that most papers, bills, and even old warranties or documents often end up stowed away and forgotten. Since most paperwork is now available digitally, these papers create useless clutter when they could be accessed online.

–Dr. Parth Patel

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