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Preparation is the Key to Success


Alexander Graham Bell once said “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” At JointCare PT, we know this to be true, especially when undergoing surgery.  Those who have better outcomes after surgery go into it having prepared both mentally and physically.  This process of preparation is known as Prehab. Prehab allows for an individual to prepare for surgery, physical and mentally, in order to maximize post- operative results.  It is appropriate for most all surgeries, including total joint replacements, ACL repairs, rotator cuff repairs and spinal surgeries. Why is this important?  It’s simple—the better someone is moving prior to surgery, the better and faster the recovery afterwards.  Now some sources may disregard the value of prehab, however it’s tough to argue with the evidence.  In fact, current scientific research has shown the very best outcomes for a joint replacement surgery occur when the patient has good strength/range of motion, and moves with as close to normal bodymechanics as possible before undergoing surgery. At JointCare, our clinical experience aligns with the research.  Recently, at our Denville facility, we had two patients that exemplified this.  Cheryl T. and Sharon O. both came to physical therapy for prehab a few months prior to having joint replacement surgery. When they stopped formal prehab, they continued their program independently in our fitness center up to the week of surgery.  In these sessions they learned how to maximize their mobility and strength deficits, and learned what they were going to need do to prepare for at home.  Rather than allow the limitations due to the arthritis continue to regress, both patients were able to improve these limitations.  As a result, in a short amount of time, both Cheryl and Sharon are able to not just get function back but were able to surpass their preoperative status.  Ultimately, both

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had terrific outcomes.  They returned to normal function quickly, without complication, and were less of a financial burden on the healthcare system as a whole.  Are you scheduled for or considering an orthopedic surgery? At JointCare Physical Therapy and Fitness Center we are ready to help! We will develop an evidence-basedandpost-operative rehabplanof care that will help you return back your prior activities. Call now for your free consultation or to begin the prehab process!

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