October Kitchen - April 2022

April marks the month of planting season. As the weather gets warmer, it’s time to bust out your gardening utensils, soils and seeds and start planting! Whether you’re a seasoned pro at gardening or a beginner, here is everything you need to know about taking care of your garden so you can reap the amazing health benefits. Care for Healthy and Growing Plants 1. It’s essential to inspect your plants to ensure they don’t rot or have pests. If you have a plant in your garden that is infected, it could spread to your other plants. It’s also best to check your plants for gnats, aphids and whiteflies because they can also cause harm to your garden. 2. Soil needs to be replaced every so often for your plants to remain healthy. You can add mulch to keep moisture in your garden and reduce the number of weeds you must dispose of. These weeds can suffocate your plant and can also harbor pests. Fertilizer can be applied to keep your plants healthy. Each plant requires different amounts, so be sure to do some research to see how much should be used for each of your plants. 3. Another way to promote plant growth is by performing plant maintenance. For example, you can remove dead flower heads to encourage new growth, cull your plants from unhealthy bits so your plant has more room to grow and cut some of the branches so it can flourish. The Benefits of Having a Garden It’s widely known that having a garden and taking care of plants can promote relaxation, reduce stress and even decrease your chance of dementia by 36%. But there are other great health benefits that can come from growing your own vegetables and herbs. By growing your own food, you’re in control of what kinds of fertilizer and pesticides come in contact with it. You can also plan when to harvest your vegetables. The vegetables that ripen in your garden will be filled with more nutrients than what’s sold in the store since those are picked earlier. There are so many great benefits of having your own garden and these are only a few of many! It’s a surreal experience to see your plants transform from seeds to something you can add to your meals. Happy planting season! IT’S PLANTING SEASON! Your 101 Guide on Gardening

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