Professional Physical Therapy - June 2020

JUNE 2020

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How We’ve Adapted in a Changing World

Like many businesses, so much has changed so quickly for Professional Physical Therapy. We’ve learned and grown so much throughout this entire process, and it’s helped us see the light at the end of the tunnel. We’ve also had such amazing support from our patients that we’re now heading in directions we never could have imagined just a few short months ago. Most predominantly, we’ve learned just how quickly we can adapt our business when needed, and that’s been a thrill to learn. Before the pandemic, many physical therapy practices had no intention of implementing telehealth services because insurance companies made the process incredibly difficult. These companies didn’t see its value, so they set up roadblocks that made it difficult for patients to receive affordable care via telehealth. But with COVID-19, the insurance companies have relaxed their systems and thinking, and they’re beginning to see how beneficial it can truly be to everyone involved in the process. We’re excited about the future of telehealth, and we intend to keep offering it to those patients who want to continue using it. “Just run with it” has sort of become our temporary motto throughout this journey. It’s been a great learning experience to see how quickly we can pivot, and telehealth is a perfect example of that. Had we decided to try and implement the system during a more “normal” time, the process would have taken us months. There would have been drawn out research, planning, tests, and adjustments, but because of this emergent situation, we didn’t have that luxury. Instead, we got the system up and running in a matter of weeks rather than months. It floors me to think about it that way, but I realize it’s because we’ve had open minds. The world we live in went from being black and white to being gray. When things change drastically, people want black and white answers. They want to know what’s going on, how they’re affected, and when it’s going to end. They want the reassurance that complete clarity provides. But right now, we have to realize we’re in a gray world. Things change daily, and we just have to figure out how to change with them. Jump in and let the stream carry you, and when you’re in it, that’s when you can start figuring out how to manipulate the water to your advantage.

water with us. We’ve had volunteers make face masks and patients bring in breakfast to feed our busy staff, and we’ve received so many messages of thanks and appreciation via social media. These are the things that help us find the motivation to keep doing what we do every single day. We’re so thankful for everyone who’s shown us their appreciation. It means the world to us. There are so many things we can all learn from these strange and changing times. I’ve learned that I can survive without a haircut for far longer than I thought possible. I’ve also learned that I’m not so easily embarrassed — accidentally wearing your fuzzy slippers to the gas station paves the way for discovering a lot about yourself. So let’s keep learning as much as we can. Let’s learn from those

around us and from our choices, mistakes, and triumphs. Let’s learn to thrive in the gray world we live in instead of sitting around and waiting for black and white.

We wouldn’t be here, managing through our own gray world, without the people who’ve shown us their support along the way and jumped into the

– Dr . Stacey Raybuck Schatz

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