YOUR HOROSCOPE for the week of January 8 to 14, 2017


ARIES Though people will want to keep you quiet, you won’t be able to bite your tongue. Your frankness could help you get out of a complex financial situation. TAURUS There is lots of unexpected action in your life. At work, you will be given a new position or you’ll be asked to move around considerable amounts of money. This should come with a raise. GEMINI You’ll chase away any depressive feel- ings by engaging in a new physical activity. You’ll feel the need to get moving and to let off some steam. Go join a gym. CANCER You’ll have the illumination you’ve been waiting for to correct something in your professional life. You’ll finally solve a recurring health problem once and for all. LEO You’ll be overwhelmed at work, and there will be just as much action in your home life. You’re the one that people will count on to plan everything. VIRGO You’ll go back to work well rested and more productive than ever, which will earn you a promotion you won’t be able to refuse. You’ll be offered the boss’s job, or perhaps you’ll start your own business. LIBRA At the first annoyance, you’ll escape to a sunny destination rather than fight useless- ly. You’ll be endowed with great wisdom, and you’ll most certainly have lots of fun. SCORPIO You’re very emotional and you might feel as if the universe is conspiring against you. It’s probably a sign that the time has come to make some changes. SAGITTARIUS You’ll need to weigh the pros and cons of a certain situation for a good while before you make a decision. You’ll have an occasion for which to dress up—perhaps a business lunch. CAPRICORN You have lots of work to do and many details to take care of. You’ll have to be especially attentive during a speech or a conversation during which you’ll receive important information. AQUARIUS You’ll assuredly do something amazing and be placed on a pedestal. You aren’t always comfortable in the spotlight, but you’ll be able to overcome your timid nature. PISCES You could start looking for a new house, or at the very least you’ll decide to reno- vate or redecorate your current abode. Your family will require an unexpected amount of your energy.


ACROSS 1. Short swims 5. Drawing, e.g. 8. Personality parts 12.Julia Child’s prop 13.Iced brew 14.Opera show- stopper 15.Printed mistake 16.Can metal 17.Croon 18.Twist 20.Pen fluids 21.Participant 24.Personal 26.Flow 27.Household ani- mal 29.007, e.g. 33.Stable grain 34.Decorate 36.Geese formation 37.Fish delicacy 39.Trendy 40.Long period 41.Circle section 43.Aches 45.Stereo: hyph.

48.Prize medal 50.Matinee figure 51.Sal, e.g. 52.Bungle 56.Adhesive sub- stance 57.Building shape 58.Totally confused 59.Clutched 60.Like a fox 61.Small salaman- der DOWN 1. Spot 2. Kind of league 3. ____ rally 4. Milky white 5. Dressed 6. Equine control 7. Dance for two 8. Soothing 9. Give a happy look 10.Pig sound 11.Droops 19.Fix 21.Experts

22.Hawaiian feast 23.Morsels for aard- varks 25.Roam 28.“____ Sawyer” 30.Anytime 31.Broadway blinker 32.Decade numbers 35.In a regal manner 38.Greeted 42.Zoo enclosures 44.Madison Avenue employee


45.Elevated 46.Not busy 47.Rotten

49.Barricade 53.Purpose 54.Less than many 55.Lard Answers:

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HOW TO PLAY : Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the numbers 1 through 9 only once. Each 3x3 box is outlined with a darker line. You already have a few numbers to get you started. Remember: You must not repeat the numbers 1 through 9 in the same line, column, or 3x3 box.

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