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issue no 40 | nov 2011


Neha Kamat – Senior Consultant,Atyaasaa Consulting Pvt.Ltd.,has a post graduate diploma and is a Gold medalist in the field of Human Resources. She is also a DISC certified behavioral analyst and is currently pursuing her post graduate diploma in Instructional Designing. She uses her analytical skills to apply management knowledge in dynamic business context and facilitate people to bring out the best in themselves. She aspires to gain expertise and contribute in all facets of HR.

It is a well known fact that children learn faster than adults. Children have an innate learning mechanism to grasp information, comprehend, and change themselves. However, in adulthood the learning process is slower. It is said - what we, as adults, think we know, often interferes in the process of learning! Thus, creating an effectual learning module for adults is a challenge all corporate training and development professionals face. Instructional Designing (ID) is about creating an engaging and effective educational process, for maximum retention and implementation of the learning. Through the application of numerous ID tools, techniques, frameworks and adult learning principles the instructional interventions are made more potent. Atyaasaa has been using the fundamentals of the ID process for all its training and coaching programmes for over a decade. Moving a step ahead we now present a workshop on ‘Instructional Designing’ to help the training and development professionals, content writers, course designers and individuals in the educational industry to craft efficient learning solutions. This two day workshop entails not only the essential models and practices in the field of ID but also the latest trends as well as e-learning standards. This workshop will help you assess the learners’ needs and create learning objectives. Furthermore, it will aid you to design and develop diverse kinds of effective interventions. It also includes tips and ways to ensure successful delivery, while using evaluations to further enhance the impact of the process. Like our all other workshops, this too is a completely experiential process, encompassing group activities, live case studies and workouts. Remember the age old saying – “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and feed him for lifetime” – The process of learning is of far greater significance than the specific learning outcomes!


A psychometric profiling tool on seven highly researched professional competencies. It aids in exploring your latent strengths and weaknesses and maps your competencies around your personality type. This is a standardized tool validated across multiple geographies and cultures.

Find the link to this tool here: http://psychometricprofiling.atyaasaa.com/

“An insatiable thirst for learning is what will propel your success.” BEAN STATEMENT

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