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Happy Independence Day! As much as I’d like to be in Clark to watch the fireworks with the rest of you, my daughter and I will spend the Fourth in Colorado this year, while my son and wife are staying home. This is our first 4th of July apart. I’m writing this article ahead of time, as the demands of my kid’s sports travel season will soon take up most of our time. Both my son and daughter ended their spring seasons on a strong note, which is part of why we’re so busy this summer! My son was named the “most improved player” on his lacrosse team and made the all-star team for baseball. Meanwhile, my daughter was invited to join a team with several varsity players from Metuchen High School, which is where my daughter will attend next year. Considering it’s her goal to make varsity in her first year of high school, she’s already off to a great start. To see both kids excel at the sports they’ve put so much time and effort into is a wonderful feeling.

make sure they aren’t developing any repetitive stress injuries along the way.

But more importantly, I’ve learned to simply like being in the bleachers. As a coach for my daughter’s softball team and an assistant coach for my son’s baseball team, I used to have a bird’s-eye view of the game, focusing on the whole team’s performance. Now, I can just cheer on my kids and enjoy the game, and I’m going to be doing plenty of that this summer. Thanks to her hard work and talent, my daughter was asked to be part of a combo team of softball players from around the country. Her club team is a national organization and pulls players from their local chapters to represent them at a major tournament in Colorado and California later in the month. Her making the cut is a huge honor, and it’s why we’re going to the Rockies this Fourth of July. While this tournament is sure to be a blast, it’s not the only one we’re look forward to this summer. My son’s performance in lacrosse won him a spot at a tournament in Pennsylvania, and my daughter will have another softball series to compete in later in the summer. As I always say, I’m incredibly grateful my wife is my partner in crime. Together we can always make sure at least one of us is there to cheer our kids on, no matter how far their dreams take them. So, I’m glad I’m not “coach” anymore. Seeing how far they’ve come in the sports they love has proven to me it was the right decision. As we head to Colorado to cheer on my daughter, I couldn’t think of a more fitting time to do it than Independence Day. Giving kids the freedom to become the best they can be is scary, but I promise it is more than worth it. –David DeLaFuente


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“... part of being a good father is knowing when to take off the training wheels and let go.”

I won’t lie; sometimes I miss the days when I was their coach as well as their dad. Getting to work directly with them to develop their skills was one of the great joys of my life. But part of being a good father is knowing when to take off the training wheels and let go. There came a point where I knew I couldn’t teach them more than I already had, and if I wanted them to grow, I was going to have to take a step back. Thankfully, I still get to do some backyard training. My kids come to me when they have something they want to work on or need an extra hand when practicing at home. And, of course, as a physical therapist, I can

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