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changed the law for used tire sales. Once it was put in place, we lost about 25 percent of our used tire inventory, but it didn’t slow us down. We took it in stride and continued to provide the best for our customers. The house has had similar instances. For one, we had to work around the load-bearing walls in our main living area — if you knock one of those out, the whole roof will come in. We also had to rip out a ceiling in one room after discovering an old heating system running through it. Additionally, finding good contractors is like finding good employees. When you’re hiring someone, you’re dependent on someone else’s word and the history you have with that individual. Finding dependable and honest people is critical in both remodeling and business. Knowing how much money to put into a project is also an important part of business and remodeling. There are many things you have to consider financially when starting any project. With the renovations, we chose to do the biggest project first, and that’s what we’re trying to do with Integrity Tire.

My wife and I have been renovating our house since last year. The house was built in 1974 and hadn’t been updated until now. We’re doing our best to modernize it into a comfortable living space, and we couldn’t be happier with our results so far. One of the first projects we started was in the living and dining areas. We tore out the walls in the kitchen, living room, and dining room, making it one open space. We also gutted the kitchen then swapped it with the dining room. We’ve lived in a destroyed house for a while, but now it’s getting into great shape. Jolene is terrific at designing, and under her eye, the place is beginning to look fantastic. I’ve noticed that the renovation process shares many characteristics with the act of running a business. The recurring challenges are facing unexpected problems, having to find good people to work with, handling schedules, and considering finances. But both also include the pleasure of seeing all our hard work come together.

Seeing how far we’ve come and how the house looks now compared to two years ago creates an immense feeling of satisfaction. The house is finally coming together, and it looks completely different. We’ve painted the exterior, replaced the front door, and installed windows — it’s starting to look like a brand new house, and it’s almost 50 years old! It’s the same with the business — Integrity Tire is coming together after six years of hard work and dedication. The vision we had is starting to materialize in front of us, and it creates that same feeling of fulfillment.

In business, you’ll always come across unexpected problems. Last year, Delaware

“I’ve noticed that the renovation process shares many characteristics with the act of running a business.”

Jesse Zimmerman

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