Making a Difference 2019-2020



Values influence where we spend our time and money The uplifting history of Australian aviation Dancing kids achieve boosted abilities to self-regulate Early differences and disadvantage in health outcomes for LGBQ people Climate and economic factors driving farmers from the land Emotional intelligence gets the grades

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‘Whoopi’ the manta ray shows how healing’s done Plastic pollution harms oxygen-producing ocean bacteria Mangrove dieback reveals an unexpected source of methane Revealing the world’s biggest parrot: ‘Heracles’ Scientists measure the loss of Shark Bay seagrass

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Fighting pollution with maths Leading an evolution in coral

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53 INDIGENOUS RESEARCH AND COLLABORATION Indigenous collaboration vital to conservation research outcomes Including Indigenous stories in the Australian Dictionary of Biography Celebrating and preserving Indigenous ceremonies Understanding extreme bushfire behaviour and firestorm development STRIVING FOR CULTURAL AND SOCIAL OUTCOMES 61 Examining the cultural legacy of Melbourne’s first Archbishop 62 54 56 58 59

The Big Anxiety Festival The lasting impact of caregiving for a dying loved one Uncovering the mechanism to human viral immunity DIY pressure pump breaks down technology barrier Illuminating the golden staph Exploring cognitive ageing and its impacts on individuals Sleeping ‘on-call' or not

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