Making a Difference 2019-2020

Research carried out at The University of Melbourne has explored an historically important collection of books and artworks that is helping to better understand the cultural and architectural development of the city of Melbourne. James Goold, the first Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne, was a passionate collector and missionary bishop appointed to Melbourne in 1848 when it was still a small provincial town. With the discovery of gold, Goold’s architectural patronage helped to shape the rapidly booming metropolis, culminating in the commissioning and construction of the iconic landmark, St Patrick’s Cathedral, and some 86 churches. Goold’s contribution to the built environment is distinguished and conspicuous. Professor Jaynie Anderson, who is leading an ARC Discovery Project that examines Goold’s collection and patronage, says that Goold imported books and late Italian Baroque paintings as a way to convey the intensity of European religious experience, which he experienced himself as a novice in Italy. Goold’s library contained extensive texts in Theology, Philosophy, Liturgy, Scripture, and the Papacy, as well as works on art and architecture, medicine and poetry, but it was largely forgotten after his death and dispersed in the early 1970s. The research team has rediscovered a large portion of the original collection held in libraries around Melbourne. Examining the remnants has shown that this library ranked amongst the most important private collections in the Colony. A rare book room has been created at the Mannix Library, University of Divinity, to showcase the collection. (Left): Jacques Stella. Jesus in the Temple ground by his Parents. 1642. Canvas 302 x 219 cm. Baptistery of St Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne. Considered by Professor Anderson to be the most important work by the French artist, and one of hundreds of significant acquisitions of Baroque art for Australia. Credit: Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne. EXAMINING THE CULTURAL LEGACY OF MELBOURNE’S FIRST ARCHBISHOP



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