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GOOD IS NEVER ENOUGH Why We Always Strive to Get Better

At Allied Restoration, we are constantly asking ourselves how to be better. It’s never been enough for us to just get the job done. We want to provide an exceptional experience for everyone we work with. To that end, we strive to educate ourselves on how to make everything we do a little bit better. That’s why one of our defining service values is “I have the opportunity to continuously learn and grow.” Our team gets to work on spectacular properties. Because we cannot walk into a property expecting simple paint and drywall, we have to constantly learn new techniques to handle new issues. We’ve seen floors imported from European castles and countless examples of incredible craftsmanship. Features like these are part of what makes a house special, and we have

to treat our job with the level of quality these details demand. Our staff is trained to treat each property as unique, and we solve different problems on every job. There’s never a cookie-cutter approach to what we do. It’s challenging, but it means we grow in skill with every job we take on. Developing technical mastery is great, but it’s not the only area where we expect our team to be learning. One thing I tell everyone is to seek out ways to improve our service experience. A lot of this involves teaching people to see opportunities to go the extra mile. One Mother’s Day, for

falling behind. I’ve never gotten to a point where I’m satisfied with what I know, and I expect every person at Allied to have the

example, a member of our team got in touch with the kids and husbands of all the mothers we were doing kitchen-related restoration work for. Since they couldn’t cook at home, we sent them gift cards so they could take mom out to lunch. Gestures like these are

same drive to improve in every aspect of our business. This attitude toward growth is one thing that separates Allied from other restoration companies. For us, growth doesn’t mean gaining more business; it means learning new

“We make an emotional investment in every property we work on and every client we deal with, so this desire for growth doesn’t feel like a chore.”

a staple of what we do, so we train our team to recognize the opportunity to show how much we care. When we say “continuously” learning, we mean it. Even though we have grown to be successful, we never take for granted that we can always be better. The second you stop pushing yourself, you get complacent. Our clients expect the best, and we expect the best of ourselves. If we aren’t seeking ways to take our service to another level, we are

ways to do our job better. We make an emotional investment in every property we work on and every client we deal with, so this desire for growth doesn’t feel like a chore. In fact, it’s one of the most rewarding parts of our job. If you’re passionate about what you do, you aspire to do it the best you can. No matter what your passion is, never stop improving. – O.P. Almaraz


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