Campus Commons PT - January 2019


OUR YEAR OF GROWTH WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS? 2018 was an incredible year for our practice. We were able to increase staff by hiring another their recovery path laid out for them to succeed, so must our clinic have a blueprint to prosper. I recently took two days away from the clinic to disconnect from the day-to-day operations

therapist, which allowed us to serve more people. It’s also freed me up to take a step back and address our office as a business. This prospect might not sound exciting to some, but our success depends on our ability to run back-end operations effectively. Without this adjustment, we wouldn’t have been able to help our largest number of patients in the practice’s history, which is one of the most significant achievements of the year. Of course, we had some obstacles, as well, but the more I look back on last year, the more I see growth in all aspects. Two of our young staff members entered into their doctorate program for physical therapy in the past year. We bring on physical therapy aides who are eager to become therapists and give them the opportunity to gain experience in the clinic. This helps with future success in school by giving them experience working with people and learning how our therapists treat and make clinical decisions. Our aides also help with our lower back pain and sciatica workshops that we use to educate our patients and the surrounding community. We hold these once a month, and the response has been amazing over the last year and a half. The positive feedback will allow us to plan for and start offering shoulder pain workshops this year.

and focus on the big picture — making sure our practice achieves its mission. Staff marketing, growth, expectations, schedules, and multiple other areas go through an audit and a brainstorming session that allows me to ensure Campus Commons is doing everything we can to serve the people of Sacramento. Once that plan is set, I present it to the staff and we all get to work on implementing it. “I BELIEVE WHOLEHEARTEDLY THAT WE PROVIDE AN EXCELLENT SERVICE TO PEOPLE AND DO SO IN A MANNER THAT MAKES A MEANINGFUL IMPACT IN THEIR LIVES.” One of my personal goals is to be a better business owner and focus on the operations of our practice. I believe wholeheartedly that we provide an excellent service to people and do so in a manner that makes a meaningful impact in their lives. I want as many people as possible to have the option to experience what we do. We’re not trying to get crazy big, because our community is what makes our practice special. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t look at our clinic as a business. I’ll always want to work with patients, but finding a balance is what’s best for

Campus Commons, me, and most importantly, my family.

I’m starting to recognize that I don’t need to work 20 hours a day to be successful. Finding a balance between family, business, and patients is something I look forward to in 2019. There’s always one aspect of the three that seems to receive a little less time and attention, and I want to make sure I’m equally intentional with each one. That’s my goal, and I’m committed to sticking with it. What’s yours?

–Mark Eddy

Strategic planning is a big part of how a business operates. Just as each patient needs

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