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Honoring the Americans Who Gave the Ultimate Sacrifice (314)961-5678 |

I ’ve spoken with many Americans who, like me, are frustrated that the individuals in our military don’t get the respect they deserve. There are so many people who don’t even know we’re at war right now, or if they do, they don’t care. I know many people who have family or friends in the military risking their lives to protect the freedoms and rights we enjoy. Memorial Day is a day to remember the fallen soldiers who died so we can continue to live, but March has its own holiday to recognize these heroes. I recently discovered that National Supreme Sacrifice Day takes place on March 18, and I think it is important to talk about this holiday for those who might not know about it. It’s the perfect time to think about all the people, known or unknown to us, who made the ultimate sacrifice for what they loved and believed in. The sole purpose of National Supreme Sacrifice Day is to honor and reflect on the individuals who have made the greatest self-sacrifice for the benefit of others. Too often these warriors don’t get recognition for all they’ve done, which is even more reason to think about them now. You might be thinking, like I am, about all the service members fighting now or who have fought in wars for America. The brave men and women who willingly go into battle to protect their home and the American people do what they do knowing they might never come back. Some may lose their lives in the battle, and it might cost others a limb or even their mental health.

acknowledgment as they should. These are good people, and they give so much for their community and country. I wish more Americans would give the military and all who have made great sacrifices the trust and respect they deserve. These brave individuals have done a lot for us, and too frequently many Americans don’t even realize it. I think it’s paramount to show our appreciation and to take some time out of our lives to remember these brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their fellow citizens.

While recognizing our military’s efforts, it’s important to reflect on the many other Americans who have made significant sacrifices for the good of others. The people who serve as policemen, firefighters, doctors, and even our teachers have made the decision to put themselves on the line, and they should also be recognized during this time. The sacrifices these people make don’t get as much

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