Year 10 Course Booklet


By the end of Year 11, you must have completed three core courses in English. For Year 10, choose two from the list of courses. By the end of Year 11, you must complete one core course from the options below. A prep course is highly recommended.

These courses are designed to teach core English skills in a range of contexts and provide academic rigour and engagement. While all courses are accessible to all students, courses offer differing levels of academic challenge to differentiate for student needs. Students should speak to their English teacher for further advice.

Core courses

Don’t judge me

Honestly face the inequalities in our society. We will take a look at the ways literature exposes these and the solutions it has to offer.

Taking it to the streets

Unpack historical protest movements and how they have paved the way for 21st century activism.

Text types: novel, film.

Recommended for students interested in social issues and comparing texts.

Text types: images, speeches, song, media reports.

Recommended for students interested in social issues.

Rage against the machine Examine how those in power retain control through the use of tools such as manipulation and surveillance.

The newsroom: live-streamed investigative journalism

Put your sharp mind and curious soul to work in uncovering inconvenient truths. We will be creating our own media company and live- streaming our product. Text types: documentaries, print, television, online news sources. Recommended for students interested in journalism and media.

Text types: novel, short stories, film.

Recommended for students interested in power and/or politics and comparing texts.

How to get away with murder

Read a range of texts about characters who commit and get away with homicide.

Text types: novels, short stories.

Recommended for students interested in the power and intrigue of storytelling.

10 Year 10 Course Booklet 2022

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