Year 10 Course Booklet

Health & Wellbeing

By the end of Year 11, you must have completed two courses in Health Education and two courses in Wellbeing. For Year 10, you will be assigned to the following two classes:

Health Education Within the Year 10 health programme, students develop skills that help them navigate a changing and challenging world. Students investigate social issues associated with drugs and alcohol and learn decision-making skills to help themmake good, balanced choices when faced with difficult situations. Students also explore what constitutes a healthy and unhealthy relationship and look at the effects that social media has on personal wellbeing.

Wellbeing Within the Year 10 Wellbeing programme, students continue to work on the key areas of wellbeing first introduced in Year 9. Students expand their knowledge of how to leverage character strengths, look at the means by which we can develop a growth mindset, and build strategies for resilience and grit. A particular focus on psychological safety, self talk, and self- regulation underpins the strategies for developing these skills.

12 Year 10 Course Booklet 2022

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