Year 10 Course Booklet

The Humanities

By the end of Year 11, you must have completed one Commerce, one Geography, and one History course. For Year 10, make two subject choices. You choose one course per subject. You will complete the third subject in Year 11 or in lieu of a Language 2 choice.



Business, innovation and enterprise An applied course that also combines the foundations of Business, Accounting and Economics, it uses a practical applied lens. Students work as a group to set up a business to sell a product/service on a small scale. Recommended for students who enjoy working with others to develop Commerce theory and bring it to reality by trying to start your business and sell your product/service. Decisions, decisions, decisions A combined Commerce course that touches on the foundations of Business, Economics and Accounting through the lens of decision-making. It answers several questions. Will this product sell? How much should I sell it for? Should I use social media to advertise? Am I a just-for-profit business? Why do consumers do that? Recommended for students who enjoy Commerce but would prefer not to carry out their ideas in a practical context and sell their product.

Megacity madness This course looks at the effects of urbanisation and congestion on people and environments, with case studies from around the world. Recommended for students with an interest in the impact of development on both humans and the planet. Extreme natural events This course looks deeper at how extreme natural event(s) have shaped environments. All events have an impact on people and places around the world and students compare the nature of these events and their consequences. Recommended for students with an interest in the physical world.

14 Year 10 Course Booklet 2022

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