Year 10 Course Booklet

Prep courses For those continuing with language study.

French Language 2 This course extends students’ ability to express themselves, including talking about past and future events. Topics include Christchurch, daily routines, mealtimes, sport and leisure. Film study continues. Prerequisite for: French Language 3, French Language 4. Level 2 French.

Te Reo 2 Students learn to express themselves using more than one tense and explore sentence structure. Topics include whakataukı¯ , my home and going places.

Prerequisite for: Te Reo 3, Te Reo 4. Level 2 Te Reo.

Japanese Language 2

Students continue to consolidate their knowledge of katakana, as well as cover topics including weekend and daily activities, free time and the Japanese school year. Film study continues.

Prerequisite for: Japanese Language 3, Japanese Language 4. Level 2 Japanese.


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