Year 10 Course Booklet


By the end of Year 11, you must have completed the core course for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. For Year 10, you will be assigned to two of these subjects. You will complete the third subject in Year 11.



Biology core This course covers the main strands of the New Zealand Curriculum – evolution, ecology and genetics. There is also a strong applied theme to the course that has a human biology and health focus. Topics include human body systems, human ecology and genetics.

Chemistry core

The mainly descriptive work begun in Year 9 is continued, with the special language that chemists use being extended as students become more familiar with formulae and simple equations. Chemical reactions between different substances is a major focus, engaging all students in developing a well-rounded view and understanding of the chemical nature of our world.


Physics core The course introduces the study of motion, forces, work done and kinetic energy, along with electrostatics and electrical circuits. The emphasis is on practical work and developing the skills to tackle the required content in the Physics prep course.


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