Year 10 Course Booklet

The Arts

By the end of Year 11, you must have completed one Drama, one Music, and one Visual Arts course. For Year 10, make two subject choices. You choose one course per subject. You will complete the third subject in Year 11.



Clowning around

Solo/ensemble performance Students focus on both solo and ensemble performance skills, working to improve their working knowledge of musical styles and ability to performmusic to the best of their ability. Strongly recommended for students having – or those who have had – instrumental/voice lessons on their chosen instrument/voice. Create musical works to include songwriting Students create works for both their chosen instrument(s) or ensembles (bands) and develop skills in musical notation, lead sheets, theoretical aspects, sound production, recording, and completing both live performance and professional recordings of their works. Recommended for students who like to work within both a solo and ensemble (band) situation and collaborate with peers in musical creativity.

Pure fun – all the games you love, plus basic skills. The course explores the freedom that dramatic expression offers and encourages boys to find a variety of ways to harness the power of drama.

Recommended for those new to Drama.

Stage movement and fighting Love to move? Jump, slide, roll and fight your way into stage combat alongside performance skills. This course focuses on the power of movement in dramatic performance. This is about the visual and physical spectacle of how to bring stories to life.

Acting technique and performance

Bring characters to life. Be involved in a production and extend your skills. This course looks at the dramatic techniques involved in character development. By working through the production process, students develop greater awareness of the intricacies of characterisation in Drama.

Recommended for those looking at continuing Drama.

Creating theatre and theatresports Create a performance out of the games you love. This course enables development not only of dramatic techniques, but also quick thinking and how to respond to others in the dramatic moment.

Recommended for those looking at continuing Drama.


Year 10 Course Booklet 2022

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