Year 11 Course Booklet

Welcome to the Christ’s College Diploma

You are among the first year group who will graduate into NCEA with a Christ’s College Diploma. The Diploma is designed to provide you with a range of learning experiences, both inside and outside the classroom. You will be allocated to a range of classes for some subjects and have a choice of classes for other subjects. By the end of the year, you will have experienced many of the subjects on offer at Christ’s College, along with selected courses to prepare you for NCEA. All courses in Year 11 are taught in semesters, allowing you to select a larger number of courses overall. Even though the overall subject may be the same, by changing courses halfway through the year you can be exposed to a range of topics that interest you.

There are two types of courses designed to meet your learning needs.

Core courses These give you core knowledge in each subject. As one-year Diploma students, the number of compulsory core subjects is lower than the full two-year programme, but still covers the range of learning areas of the New Zealand Curriculum.

Prep courses

These give you deeper, expert knowledge in a subject. They are designed to prepare you directly for NCEA Level 2, but you may also choose a prep course for deeper knowledge. Most prep courses take place in the final semester of Year 11.

Core subjects (assigned)

Core subjects (choose)

• Physical Education • Health and Leadership • Wellbeing • Mathematics • Religious Education • Financial Literacy

• Arts (at least one semester of Drama, Music, or Visual Arts) • English (at least one core course; prep highly recommended) • Social Sciences (at least one semester of Commerce, History, or Geography) • Technology (at least one semester of DVC, Digital Technology, Materials Technology) • Science (at least one semester of Biology, Chemistry, Earth & Space Science, Physics)


Year 11 Curriculum 2022

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