Year 11 Course Booklet

The Humanities

By the end of Year 11, you must have completed one core course of your choice from any of The Humanities. You may choose any prep course. By the end of Year 11, you must also have completed a compulsory course in Financial Literacy.


Compulsory A basic understanding of how finances work and how to budget and plan is a foundation skill for all students. Through the use of a range of activities and online tools, students have the resources to make informed, final decisions in their future.


Students may take one or both prep courses.

Economics An introduction to the fundamentals of micro and macroeconomics. Microeconomics analyses why consumers and producers behave the way they do. Why will a consumer pay $200 for a pair of shoes but will not pay more than $5 for a breakfast bun? Macroeconomics focuses on the big New Zealand picture. Why are house prices so high? What effect does the minimum wage have? How can we make the economy grow? Prerequisite for: an advantage for taking Economics, Agribusiness, or Business and Enterprise at Level 2, but not required. Accounting An introduction to the fundamentals of the accounting cycle. Students learn how to process accounting information, both manually and using a software package. They also produce financial information to be able to analyse in order to support the decisions of an organisation.

Core Decisions, decisions, decisions

A combined Commerce course that touches on the foundations of business, economics and accounting through the lens of decision-making. It answers several questions. Will this product sell? How much should I sell it for? Should I use social media to advertise? Am I a just-for-profit business? Why do consumers do that? Recommended for students who enjoy Commerce but would prefer not to carry out their ideas in a practical context and sell their product.

Prerequisite for: Level 2 Accounting

20 Year 11 Curriculum 2022

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