Year 11 Course Booklet

Earth & Space Science


Biology A & B This course builds on the core course, with a strong emphasis on developing the skills and understanding required for further study in Biology. We delve deeper into genetics, cellular processes, and plant and animal adaptations. It prepares students for Years 12–13 Biology courses and beyond. However, it may also serve as an interesting option for those who simply enjoy the subject.

Earth & Space Science is the study of Earth processes, the solar systemand space beyond. It is a practical science that applies concepts fromphysics, chemistry and biology. It develops an understanding of how Earth and space systems interact, how they affect us, and howwe affect them. Earth & Space Science will investigate aspects of geology, plate tectonics, atmospheric and oceanic processes. It will also look at components of the solar system, and other astronomical features. There will be plenty of opportunities for practical investigations and field work. Prerequisite for: an advantage for taking Earth and Space Science at Level 2, but not required.

Prerequisite for: Level 2 Biology (both A & B courses).



Chemistry A & B The chemical concepts learnt in Years 9–10 form a platform for these courses. An attempt is made to systematise chemical information on the basis of the Periodic Table and a great deal of reaction chemistry is introduced. Students engage in a wide range of practical tasks designed to develop and reinforce a deeper understanding of the ways in which chemical species react together. Example tasks include investigating acid and base reactions, methods of testing for chemical substances, the properties of carbon compounds, reactions of chemical elements, and displacement reactions between metals.

Physics A & B The course serves as a foundation for Level 2 Physics but also provides a sound base for understanding the physics concepts that underpin aspects of many other subjects. Studies of motion, forces, energy, waves, electricity and magnetism will be further developed.

Prerequisite for: Level 2 Physics (both A & B courses).

Prerequisite for: Level 2 Chemistry (both A & B courses).


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