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As most of you know, I am the ninth child of Tom and JoAnne Shannon. I was raised in an extremely rich household by two very rich people. To me, one is “rich” if they have integrity. The word integrity connotes folks who are integrated in soul, mind and body. In my book, “rich” folks are comfortable in their own skin. They know they make mistakes, and they seek forgiveness when they inevitably make them. For the most part, they practice what they preach. They are humble servants of others. You know it when you see it. For example, my mother and father treated everyone the same, not caring about the person’s economic status. In fact, they became more sensitive when they knew someone needed more from them. When I look at the great folks we represent at our law firm, I am overcome with the high integrity of the people we represent. I remember some years ago when we represented a young widow with two young children. She had lost her husband in a tragic agricultural incident. She faced a grim future of zero income, running a farm on her own and raising her two kids alone without the love of her life. How was this fiercely independent young woman going to pay for her food, her kids’ education and health care? When I first met her, I didn’t see desperation. I witnessed pure integrity. It was one of the most challenging cases of my career, but because of her humility and grace, we wanted to come through for her family more than anything. I remember meeting a young father of two at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital who was struggling to survive after a semitrailer

drove 70 miles per hour into the back of his stopped sedan on the Stevenson Expressway. I remember being stunned that this young father not only survived and went through excruciating rehab for three months, but that he also showed up to work in a wheelchair three months after the crash to provide for his family. His young wife worked the midnight shift so one of them could be with the kids at all times. Neither of these parents complained about their situation to me. They just faced their tragedy with grace. Even though the case went through a full jury trial and all the way to the Illinois Supreme Court, this young couple remained classy and composed throughout. What a privilege it was to represent them. We represented a mechanic who had spent his 50-year career keeping fleets of vehicles on the roadway. He knew more about vehicles than anyone on the planet. He was on call 24/7. This man of integrity lived to serve his large family and those in his community. People constantly depended on him. During the prime of his retirement, he was diagnosed with

mesothelioma and robbed of spending his golden years with his grandkids. As the mesothelioma took over his life, he never complained once to me. Not once. If ever there was a face of integrity, this was it. I will never forget the humility and grace of this family as long as I live. These are just a few of the stories of the folks we have been blessed to represent over the years. For me, it’s like being home again with the rich folks who raised me. Thank you, God, for allowing me to represent such good people. I speak for everyone here at Shannon Law Group when I say that it is an honor and a privilege to represent these people of integrity and grace. We also feel blessed to have the constitutional right to a jury trial in this country, which allows our clients to share their stories with juries who want to make sure justice is done. We have a number of jury trials coming in 2020. We will be sure to share their stories with you in the coming months. – Joe Shannon

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