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Thank you for participating in our second- annual WE Walk For Water campaign! We are so excited to have you and your colleagues join us as we raise awareness and funding for the millions of women and children who walk hours each day to collect water. By improving access to clean water, girls can attend school, parents can run sustainable farms and communities can lift themselves out of poverty with improved health, nutrition, education and opportunity. Clean water is truly the gift that keeps on giving. We are the generation that believes every person deserves access to clean water. To date, through the WE Villages development model, WE Charity has provided more than one million people with access to clean water and sanitation. Now, we’re on a mission to give another 80,000 people clean water for life. We are asking people to get involved in the workplace or as an individual. It is within reach for all of us to give a little to make an extraordinary impact. For every £15 raised, one person will gain access to clean water for life. And when we all work together, our small actions will create a tidal wave of good.

Thank you for your commitment to a better world where everyone has access to clean water.

Together, we can change the world.

Co-Founders, WE


WE Walk For Water Workplace Toolkit

Table of Contents

This handbook will support you and your colleagues through each step of planning a world-changing WE Walk For Water event.

Before your fundraiser

04 Get started 05 Create a fundraising page 06 Raise awareness: Why water? 08 Plan your fundraising initiatives 10 Share stories During your fundraiser 10 Collect donations After your fundraiser 12 Celebrate 12 Share your gratitude


Get started Now that you’ve signed up for WE Walk For Water, we want to equip you and your colleagues with the tools and resources to prepare you for a successful fundraiser. From group outings to planning a walk, there are many engaging, fun ways to get involved with your team and help make a difference.

Here are six easy ways to get your colleagues and workplace involved:

Identify water champions within your workplace to spread the word and excitement about participating in your fundraising initiative. Incentivise employee participation by matching funds raised or recognising efforts with prizes such as gift cards, a team lunch, a half day on a Friday or a grand prize of a ME to WE Trip to join a mama on a water walk. Organise fun fundraising events within the workplace like cake sales, office potlucks, “Wear Jeans Day,” a sporting event or competition, and more.





Get outside and get active by planning a walk with your coworkers to raise awareness and funds.

Encourage peer-to-peer fundraising. Remember to register for a group and/or individual Virgin Money Giving fundraising page to make fundraising easy.



Promote individual employee and team fundraising activities with a friendly departmental or regional competition.

2.3 billion people lack basic sanitation service.

700 million people live without adequate sanitation facilities in sub- Saharan Africa.

2/3 of the world’s population live in areas with water scarcity for at least one month a year.


WE Walk For Water Workplace Toolkit

Create a fundraising page

Fundraising made easy with Virgin Money Giving, an online platform dedicated to charitable giving

Go to uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fund/wewalkforwater2019 to get started!


Click “Start fundraising” to join the WE Walk For Water campaign.


You’ll first need to sign in or create an account. Once you’ve done so, you’ll be asked to input information about your school and fundraiser to set up your school’s WE Walk For Water fundraising page.


You will be able to add your own goal, explain what you’re raising money for, and even add your own photo!


Once your page is set up, donors will be able to visit your page and donate to your group online.


Share your fundraising page with friends, family and community members. Donors will be able to see who’s participating in your event, what your goal is and why raising money for clean water is important.



WE Walk For Water Workplace Toolkit

Raise awareness: Why water? Improving access to clean water is one of the most effective ways to lift a community out of poverty and it’s directly tied to a better quality of life. This access reduces illness, allows girls to go to school and leads to better agriculture and food security, improving the chances for success and productivity for all. Every £15 raised gives one person clean water for life. Every £15 raised for WE Walk For Water will help implement water projects and programmes in WE Villages communities. This takes into account general costs of water projects, the anticipated longevity of the project, average community size, etc. The funds will be put towards a project or programme within the WE Villages Water Pillar, ensuring a sustainable and holistic impact that takes into consideration the specific needs of the communities we work with.

8 out of 10 households have women and girls bear the primary responsibility of fetching water far from their premises.

2030 the year that the United Nations is working towards to provide everyone on Earth with affordable access to clean water and adequate sanitation facilities.

840+ million people lack access to basic drinking water services.


WE Walk For Water Workplace Toolkit


WE Walk For Water Workplace Toolkit

Plan your fundraising initiatives

If your office chooses to do a walk as the main fundraising event, here’s how you can get started on planning:

1. Choose your walk Classic walk (three miles) • Map a route up to three miles or your team’s desired distance. • Walk around the office or outside, raising awareness among colleagues and community members. Relay walk (three to six miles) • Determine the distance breakdown depending on how many people are on your team. Customised walk (symbolic walk where you choose your distance) Get creative and customise your walk. Switch it up and have everyone dance for a portion of the route to keep things fresh and fun! 2. Choose a symbolic weight to carry on your walk Many women and children in developing communities use a jerry can, a re-used plastic container, to collect their water from distant sources. When full, this jerry can weighs approximately 20 kilos. To simulate this during your event, have friends or colleagues choose something to walk with that has a bit of weight to it while being sure safety comes first (e.g., light exercise weights, backpacks filled with books, etc.).


WE Walk For Water Workplace Toolkit

3. Nominate a campaign committee To help plan the event, identify champions within your workplace to spearhead your office water initiatives.

Below are a few examples:

• Fundraising team • Social media team • Event team • Water advocates • Finance coordinator • Communications coordinator

Remember to involve your office social impact team or senior leadership team to help spread the word and make your event a success by bringing together different skill sets and support.

4. No walk? No problem. Plan initiatives and events that work for you Organise a few opportunities for colleagues to get involved in, both inside and outside of the office, and have fun! Here are some ideas to get you started: • Organise a team outing: go bowling, play badminton, etc. • Host a cake sale • Start a coffee service • Organise a potluck • Host a trivia or bingo event • Collect donations for spirit days, like a “Wear Jeans to Work” day • Host a caption contest where participants can write captions for funny pictures and the winner receives a prize


WE Walk For Water Workplace Toolkit

Share stories to spread awareness and engage your colleagues! • Visit WE.org/gb/wewalkforwater to download the WE Walk For Water event poster. Photocopy it and place posters around the office and throughout community spaces. • Make sure to use #WEwalkForWater and tag @WEmovement in all of your WE Walk For Water social media posts! • Read, watch and listen to the inspirational stories from the communities we partner with, like the ones in this toolkit, at WE.org/stories . Have your social committee share these stories with donors and the community to spread awareness on your fundraiser. Collecting donations is easy with Virgin Money Giving. Once your Virgin Money Giving page is set up, encourage colleagues to share it with friends and family, and on their social media channels. Weekly review Some goals may seem tough to reach. Help your team stay on track by encouraging them to reflect on the progress of their goal at the end of each week, and share stories like the ones in this toolkit to engage your team and inspire change! It’s time to get doing On 3 May, thousands of students will be taking action to raise awareness and funds. Join a generation of young people, teachers and supporters who believe in clean water for all. Walk alongside them to raise awareness and funds to empower developing communities with improved access to clean water. Have fun and make sure to share your photos with us on social media! We look forward to seeing all your incredible actions and impacts. Keep the momentum going There are many fun, unique ways to keep all those involved excited and engaged with your campaign. We mentioned sharing stories as one way to engage your colleagues, but you can also: Collect donations

• Spark discussions about your cause with your team • Acknowledge everyone’s hard work at meetings or through communications like emails


WE Walk For Water Workplace Toolkit

WE Villages community member profile Miguel and Maria Vargas— Mondaña, Ecuador

WE Villages community member profile Mercy Rop—Kipsongol, Kenya

The only water Mercy had ever known was what she fetched from the river. The task had been hers since childhood, with the first of five daily trips starting at dawn. As a teenager, she dreamed of becoming a teacher. But with her unending hunt for water, Mercy struggled to focus on her studies, often arriving for class exhausted before the school day had even begun. Years later, WE came to her village to construct a borehole, and she pushed through the crowd with her eldest daughter to watch the clean water shoot from the ground, awestruck. Since that day, Mercy has been unearthing a potential she never knew she had. With clean water just minutes down the path from her home, she’s gained time back to earn a better income for her family by focusing on productive activities. Her farm is blossoming, cows growing stronger and her children are healthy and educated. She now has time to pursue her dream of opening a small shop of her own. This is the moment Mercy has been waiting for. Visit WE.org/stories/human-interest-sto- ries-celebrating-clean-water-on-world-water- day to read more.

When Miguel and Maria Vargas’s daughter Nelly passed away after drinking contaminated water, the couple vowed that no other family should have to endure the same pain. Miguel and Maria began to campaign for access to clean water and with WE’s support, their pipe dreams came true. With the support of the community and local government, WE built two clean water projects to serve each side of the community. Water is now piped from a spring to a filtration system before making its way into neighbourhood homes. This is the change Miguel and Maria had been advocating for. The legacy of Nelly now lives in every clean drop. Visit WE.org/stories/parents-confront-tragedy- with-action-for-access-to-clean-water to read more.


WE Walk For Water Workplace Toolkit

Celebrate Congratulations on your fundraiser—now it’s time to celebrate the incredible impacts you and your colleagues have made, and all the efforts of your team to help make the world a better place. Here are some ways you can celebrate and reward your group: • Organise a special event to honour your top fundraiser or team and spread the good news about your team’s impacts • Share photos and videos from your fundraiser with your organisation and WE Partnership Manager Share your gratitude It’s important to thank your friends, family, donors, sponsors, participants and volunteers. Remind colleagues that it’s thanks to their support that you are able to help make an impact for access to clean water. This step is just as important as asking for donations.


WE Walk For Water Workplace Toolkit

WE Villages The goal of WE Villages is to implement a holistic, sustainable development model so that communities can lift themselves out of poverty and never have to rely on charity again. This is achieved through five Pillars of Impact.

Water Pillar The WE Villages Water Pillar helps provide communities with:

• Clean water for drinking and cooking • Healthy and clean sanitation facilities

Five Pillars One Purpose

• Water infrastructure like irrigation or catchment systems for growing food • Educational programing to equip people with the knowledge they need to live healthy lives To learn more about our WE Villages development model, visit WE.org . UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)


In September 2015, countries from around the world came together and adopted a set of goals to reach by 2030 to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. Of those 17 goals, SDG 6 was identified as an issue that specifically speaks to water and humanity’s responsibility to create sustainable and accessible sources for all humankind.

SDG 6: Clean water and sanitation SDG 6 aims to ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. This goal aligns with WE’s Water Pillar, which means that when you take action with WE, you are becoming part of a global community that is working towards a sustainable Earth.


WE Walk For Water Workplace Toolkit

@WEmovement | WE.org/gb/wewalkforwater

WE Charity is a registered charity in England and Wales (1138645) and Scotland (SC045815).


WE Walk For Water Workplace Toolkit

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