WE Villages community member profile Miguel and Maria Vargas— Mondaña, Ecuador

WE Villages community member profile Mercy Rop—Kipsongol, Kenya

The only water Mercy had ever known was what she fetched from the river. The task had been hers since childhood, with the first of five daily trips starting at dawn. As a teenager, she dreamed of becoming a teacher. But with her unending hunt for water, Mercy struggled to focus on her studies, often arriving for class exhausted before the school day had even begun. Years later, WE came to her village to construct a borehole, and she pushed through the crowd with her eldest daughter to watch the clean water shoot from the ground, awestruck. Since that day, Mercy has been unearthing a potential she never knew she had. With clean water just minutes down the path from her home, she’s gained time back to earn a better income for her family by focusing on productive activities. Her farm is blossoming, cows growing stronger and her children are healthy and educated. She now has time to pursue her dream of opening a small shop of her own. This is the moment Mercy has been waiting for. Visit WE.org/stories/human-interest-sto- ries-celebrating-clean-water-on-world-water- day to read more.

When Miguel and Maria Vargas’s daughter Nelly passed away after drinking contaminated water, the couple vowed that no other family should have to endure the same pain. Miguel and Maria began to campaign for access to clean water and with WE’s support, their pipe dreams came true. With the support of the community and local government, WE built two clean water projects to serve each side of the community. Water is now piped from a spring to a filtration system before making its way into neighbourhood homes. This is the change Miguel and Maria had been advocating for. The legacy of Nelly now lives in every clean drop. Visit WE.org/stories/parents-confront-tragedy- with-action-for-access-to-clean-water to read more.


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