Plan your fundraising initiatives

If your office chooses to do a walk as the main fundraising event, here’s how you can get started on planning:

1. Choose your walk Classic walk (three miles) • Map a route up to three miles or your team’s desired distance. • Walk around the office or outside, raising awareness among colleagues and community members. Relay walk (three to six miles) • Determine the distance breakdown depending on how many people are on your team. Customised walk (symbolic walk where you choose your distance) Get creative and customise your walk. Switch it up and have everyone dance for a portion of the route to keep things fresh and fun! 2. Choose a symbolic weight to carry on your walk Many women and children in developing communities use a jerry can, a re-used plastic container, to collect their water from distant sources. When full, this jerry can weighs approximately 20 kilos. To simulate this during your event, have friends or colleagues choose something to walk with that has a bit of weight to it while being sure safety comes first (e.g., light exercise weights, backpacks filled with books, etc.).


WE Walk For Water Workplace Toolkit

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