Colette Louise

card of the week

. The Four of swords is the card of the week. The figure in this card is in a deep state of meditation. The colours in the card tell a story here. Grey is the predominant colour - looking at things without judgement/ observing with a neutral stance. Yellow is featured in a subdued way - mind is alert despite appearance. Then there is the colourful stained glass window - a mosaic/a puzzle. It’s complicated! This week and on a regular basis actually, we need to schedule in some down time. Not to see a movie or busy ourselves with a shopping date or rushing around anywhere. We need to take some time to process things that we have either packed away to deal with later or to examine patterns in our lives that are played on repeat. It doesn’t have to be super heavy stuff, although if we keep digging we may unearth some big old roots down there. We don’t need to go to an Ashram, I find cleaning the basement very therapeutic myself. Being brilliant at managing everyone else’s stuff while avoiding our own isn’t working anymore. The cracks are starting to show. The longer we wait to make a full stop and deal with our own poop the stinkier it’s gunna get!

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