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December 2019

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A Giving Tradition

meals, and the night before Thanksgiving, delivered them to people’s homes. Our kids especially enjoyed that part. Jeff, our eldest and the fastest, would usually be the one to run up to the house, ring the doorbell, then quickly dash away and hide in the bushes. We watched as the door opened and a look of surprise turned to joy as the recipient saw what was in the box. That was the best part — getting to see the happiness and hope our small act brought to people. One woman, I remember, saw the food inside the box and turned to her family. “It looks like I get to cook something for Thanksgiving tomorrow,” she said. Jenealle and I always felt that by doing, rather than simply telling, we could teach our kids many of the important principles of life. Even after we delivered turkeys, we had conversations with our kids about what else we could do to make others’ lives better. We’ve kept this tradition alive at Livingston Dental. Each year, we give a family a turkey for Thanksgiving. Our team members deliver it, and it’s incredibly gratifying for all of us to be part of this giving tradition. That’s what this season is all about, right?

other! Eventually, she opened it up, and in the box was a motion sensor lights for our toilet. It’s programmable and bends onto the side of the toilet bowl. When the sensor picks up motion, it turns on so you can see. “Now you can make sure you don’t miss the toilet,” David said with a laugh. He sure got everyone laughing, and to be honest, he was right about us really liking it. We recently had to replace the batteries. It’s a joy to give, isn’t it? We always sought to instill this value in our kids. When they were younger, we put together Thanksgiving meals and anonymously delivered them to people in our community. Each box contained a frozen turkey, five pounds of potatoes, several cans of vegetables, pumpkin pie mix, and all the fixings. We put together three or four

Around our house on Christmas morning, opening presents is something we put a lot of care into. It’s not a free-for-all. We take turns opening up each gift, with each person going one at a time. It used to bug our kids terribly that they had to wait so long to open the wrapped goodies sitting on their laps. But there’s something special about getting to see each person’s reaction as they open up what you’ve carefully selected for them, what you know will be just right. This was an extra delight for our son David last year, who’s 24 now and a chef at the University of Wyoming. “I’ve got a gift for you, Mom and Dad,” he told us. “You’re going to laugh, but you’ll really like this.” He handed Jeanelle a big, wrapped box, and she began to unwrap it and unwrap it and unwrap it. There was one wrapper after the

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